Schools 7-12


“Tony’s “The Choice” was provided to our secondary students in light of our community and students being impacted by the national mental health and addiction crisis. Tony’s story in itself was powerful; but what had the greatest impact was his raw and poignant authenticity that cut through economic or social status. His story truly reached the students. After each presentation, Tony made himself available for individual conversations and genuine human kindness. It is clear that this is his calling and that his story and wisdom will prevent so many others from making a choice that will adversely alter the course of their lives forever. I have not seen anyone better do this kind of transformational work that is desperately needed in all communities. ”-Michelle Savko Sierra Sands Unified School District Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum and Instruction


Change Your Students Lives

Do public speakers actually work? It’s a question staff, community organizers and others ask themselves all the time. Tony’s work has stood the test of time by overwhelmingly positive outcomes with evidence based practices or by being the motivation behind real life stories like United States Marine Jordan Grover. One thing you can have confidence in, students lives will be changed by hearing Tony’s incredible message.


With nine years of speaking experience and at the age of 35, Tony is the youngest & most relatable national speaker on substance abuse in the country. He has experience in the following youth markets

  • Middle Schools

  • High Schools

  • Preparatory Schools

  • Youth Conferences

More than a “Don’t do drugs speech”

It’s a presentation unlike any other substance abuse presentation because it’s not a drug speech, it’s a life story. Tony’s life story contains messaging in the following areas. Speech length (45min-70min) Includes Q&A

  • Depression/Anxiety Mental Health

  • Vaping, Marijuana, Opioids

  • The Truth About Addiction (It’s not a choice)

  • Overcoming Adversity

  • Choices

  • Attitude

  • Goals

  • Bullying