It's a story filled with the highest of highs and lowest of lows - a story that keeps audiences engaged, and allows them to internally think about their own lives, to determine where they currently stand within the matrix Tony speaks on. With over 8 years of speaking experience, Tony's versatility of speaking makes him extremely unique and suitable for nearly every type of audience. 

"I would travel the country to see you speak again. I attend conferences (a lot) and have never been so moved and impacted by a keynote speaker. As a public defender I don’t always get to hear the depths of people’s journeys - thank you so much for your courage and willingness to share. Your talk alone made the conference worth it. I will be sharing the webcast with my judges, prosecutors, and community partners as soon as I get back!" -Amanda Riek- Wisconsin State, Public Defender | Photo: Chris Sattlberger/GPA

Impact & relationships

No hideaway rooms, no clock watching... Tony's greatest commitment is to his client's and his audience. He genuinely cares, and you will feel his passionate message radiate through the room. He departs after the last person in the room gets a chance to spend time with him, and often times, Tony will spend hours replying to personal messages he receives via social media.  


ideas & resources

With over 11 years of sobriety, Tony is no stranger to what it takes to get sober. Tony also sees the current issues surrounding substance use, prevention, and treatment and rehabilitation. Tony's own work through Freewheel Project, Intervention by connecting addicts to treatment, and work within communities across the country, leave you inspired and ready to help create change. Tony equips you with further resources to make that change possible. 


Inspiration & Empowerment

From homelessness in 2006 to the 2016 Olympics as a coach, Tony is no stranger to the "Micro-Process" he created to reach his current day successes. He knows all about accountability, working with teams, setting goals, and most importantly - executing and hitting the targets necessary for success. 

When Tony speaks, people listen... Although Tony’s life story is about his struggle with substance abuse and recovery, his message is so much stronger, so much more. It’s about making life choices; it’s about handling trials, tribulations and success; it’s about becoming the best you can be; it’s invigorating, challenging, and even difficult to hear. Tony’s level of energy is extraordinary. He connects with the audience and his passion for people is astonishingly real. Tony’s devotion to giving back to communities is unparalleled
— --Myra Wilkey, HCCP Executive Director Mental Health America of West Central Indiana, INC.