Best Substance Abuse Drug Addiction Speaker


Best Substance Abuse Drug Addiction Speaker

What others are saying about Tony

Tony’s program was riveting. He was able to take us on an emotional rollercoaster, all the while driving home the point that each one of us has our own unique story that has molded and shaped us into the person that we are today.

The following message continues to resonate through our souls nearly twenty four hours after the program, rather than placing judgement on people who are truly unable to modify their destructive actions, we should instead, invest the time to determine what has caused these actions to surface in their life.
— Josh Hull- Business Development Coordinator- Glenn O. Hawbaker Inc.
Tony’s “The Choice” was provided to our secondary students in light of our community and students being impacted by the national mental health and addiction crisis. Tony’s story in itself was powerful; but what had the greatest impact was his raw and poignant authenticity that cut through economic or social status. His story truly reached the students. After each presentation, Tony made himself available for individual conversations and genuine human kindness. It is clear that this is his calling and that his story and wisdom will prevent so many others from making a choice that will adversely alter the course of their lives forever. I have not seen anyone better do this kind of transformational work that is desperately needed in all communities.
— Michelle Savko Sierra Sands Unified School District Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum and Instruction
Tony’s talk made an indelible mark on our school. He is down to earth, engaging, funny, and real, and our students connected well to his message. Schools today, more than ever, need social and emotional support for all students. Tony reinforced our work in this area in ways that we could not have on our own.

Tony is one of the most sought after speakers in the country, and his message is one of hope, resilience, and the small things students can do to bring their gifts and talents to life.
— Ian McFeat Principal La Cañada High School
Tony Hoffman delivered a powerful message about addiction to our students during his keynote at our HOSA-“Future Health Professionals” Region 3 student conference. Students gained a new perspective into addiction listening at the edge of their seats as Tony shared his personal struggles and his amazing story of recovery. Everyone in our auditorium left our conference knowing that addiction is not a choice and that we should be treating addicts with more compassion and empathy. Tony’s presentation will have you questioning your own views on addiction and mental health. Thank you, Tony, for making an impact in each of our students’ lives and breaking the stigmas that we have about addiction.
Tony’s presentation to our new members highlighted the social dangers young students face in their college career. The combination of a passionately told story with relatable and emphatic language made for an extremely well received message. Our community has requested Tony’s services twice this year, and we look forward to more experiences in the future.
— Alex Franks- SDSU student and greek community leader
Tony Hoffman is amazing!!! He is genuine, hones and inspiring in sharing his story of addiction and recovery. He is such a dynamic speaker that our students and community members hung on his every word. You could have heard a pin drop during his presentation.
— Caterine Widder- LCSW Alamo Heights ISD Wellness Coordinator
We had the pleasure of having Tony on our campus to speak to our student body to kick off Red Ribbon Week and the experience was incredible for all! Tony’s use of his real life situation was able to touch so many. Kids felt as though they could easily relate to who he was and were able to see things through his eyes as he made them realize he was once in their shoes. Students could really tell that he “got them”. Tony even spent time with every kid that came up to talk to him after each presentation, listening carefully to what they had to say and giving each of them his undivided attention. His message was powerful and will most definitely stick with our student body as they continue through life. We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to listen to his presentation, it was one for the books!
— Katie Aiello Granite Ridge Activities Director
This was hands down the most amazing event I have ever been a part of since coming into this community. I would suggest that every Drug Council and School take a look at Tony Hoffman’s presentations and somehow raise the funds through sponsorship, fundraising or grants to get him in to your area. It was by far, the most powerful thing we have done in this town in the years I have been here.

Tony’s presentation left us speechless, he was inspirational, motivational, encouraging and parents left with eyes wide open. Community leaders shook their heads and said we need to connect and talk with Tony, He has some great ideas and we need to tap into them. Thank you Tony!
— — Melanie Wilde-Lane Program Director School Based Health Branford Public Schoo
Greg and I wanted to reach out to thank you for the outstanding job you did with the north country students. Your words were passionate with a honest, no-nonsense approach, a combination that hit home for them. They loved spending time with you after the presentation and we so appreciate you staying to hang out. For us here at the Consortium, the event was particularly special as we watched with amazement as the son of one of our staff members responded to the presentation by asking for help. He has since checked into a residential program and is getting the help he needs. When he left the event that day he told his mom that for the first time in his life he felt normal, and Tony, you made that happen. He told us he was so inspired by you and your journey, inspired enough to admit he wasn’t safe and needed help.

We are sure there were others in that room that were also transformed and at the very least are thinking seriously about their lives and future choices. In addition the adults that came with the students were so impressed and moved.

Truly your trip to NH significantly and positively impacted many, including all of us. We work so hard to move the dial on helping students and your presentation cranked it up!
— — Annette Carbonneau-Program Manager- North County Health Consortium
We had the pleasure of having Tony Hoffman speak to our 8th grade class at the Dingman-Delaware Middle School. I expected another, “Don’t do this because I did that” presentation. What I didn’t expect was such a powerful presentation that would reach kids so close to their hearts that you could see them crying during the presentation. I was shocked, not just at the number of students that were visibly emotional and touched, but also the students that I would have never guessed were dealing with issues in their own lives. Our students hugged and thanked him for now understanding WHY loved ones in their family were acting the way they were. The time he took individually after the presentation to listen to and give advice about seeking help was unbelievable. Tony Hoffman not only delivers a powerful presentation, he conveys a message of how important it is to him that these students find the help they need to change their lives. Everyone in the auditorium could sense not only how sincere he was but how much it really mattered to him to make a difference in any life he could reach. He replied to every student who messaged him last night from our school! If you book Tony Hoffman, my only recommendation is to be prepared to deal with the many students that his message hits home with! My staff still cannot stop talking about his presentation. Outstanding!
— — Brian McCarthy Principal Dingman-Delaware Middle School
Tony-I would like to thank you for sharing your story with our students today. Your presentation was engaging, thought provoking and your brutal honesty about your life choices kept our students wanting to know more. I am sure you could tell by the number of questions asked that our student body really heard your message and I hope they take it to heart. I would also like to thank you for the extended time you spent after the convocation talking to our students individually and posing for pictures as well. Thank you again for coming to Prairie Heights High School and I wish you well on all your future endeavors.
— Damon Witherspoon Asst. Principal Prairie Heights High School
Tony is able to bring a realism to the issues of drug and alcohol addiction. He has lived the American dream and the American tragedy. His message resonated with our students. Tony hit so many of the exact same points we try to get across to our students. He was an excellent speaker who brought a message of hope to students that may be dealing with their own issues each and every day. He encouraged them to get help and fight anxiety, depression, and addiction.

You’ve got a powerful story and I hope you keep doing what you are doing.
— Rich Cory Principal Westview Jr-Sr High School
Tony Hoffman’s phenomenal presentation was one that not only inspired me but impacted the county. His message of hope, redemption, and change resonated with those in attendance and created a mindset of working together to combat the opioid epidemic that is ravaging our community. It was inspiring to see how Tony’s message resulted in young and old alike coming together to learn more about this epidemic, support and encourage one another, and join this fight as we press toward the road to healing and recovery.
— Yvette Sterling Cross Emergency Services Director Somerset County, Maryland
Capturing the attention of over a thousand high school students isn’t easy but when Tony was telling his story, you could hear a pin drop in our gymnasium. Prior to Tony’s speech, I had several students approach me saying that they hoped this wasn’t another assembly telling them not to do drugs. It certainly wasn’t, those same students were extremely appreciative that they had the opportunity to listen to his story. Our student body was a buzz after the assembly. Some comments that I heard from our students were “best speaker ever,” “he really connected with us,” and “thank you for not wasting our time.” Tony took the time to answer over 20 questions from our students after his presentation and spent time meeting with individual students. His presentation impacted our students in a positive way and we were lucky to have him at Wallenpaupack Area High School.
— Jim Kane, Principal, Wallenpaupack Area High School
I brought Tony Hoffman in to a small county in Northern Wisconsin to speak at all three of our counties school districts and his message exceeded my expectations. By sharing his powerful story he was able to paint a picture of the addiction process in a way that youth could really understand. His message had layers of depth beyond substance abuse, his message incorporated dealing with depression and anxiety and encouraged kids to seek help and support for the internal conflicts that they deal with. He encouraged the kids to find their gift and never put it away, to work hard in life, to keep a positive attitude and to really put thought into the choices they make. I believe his message had great impact on our youth and that they walked away feeling empowered, hopeful, educated and more confident to say no to drugs and alcohol. I received wonderful feedback from faculty at all three school districts and would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to get a similar message across to the youth in their communities.
— — Jennifer Petit, SAC, PS-IT (LCO Behavioral Health Department)
He was very engaging. His message that smoking weed leads harder drugs was good for our students to hear. He also gave a powerful message about following and not giving up on your dreams
— Lynn Burnette- Teacher, LCO High School
If anyone is looking for a presentation that motivates students, this is it. I am very confident that Tony’s message hit home with a number of our students here in Hayward. It was time well spent
— Craig Olson- Superintendent, Hayward Community School District- Wisconsin
Having Tony speak at our ‘Stomp Out Stigma’ event was the best decision! Leading up to the event, we knew we wanted a speaker that was engaging, powerful, & real. From our research, it seemed like Tony was all of those things. Upon arrival, I instantly knew we made the right decision! He was the perfect fit for our event. He shared his message of hope & recovery, but he did not hide the reality of his struggles from those in attendance. People off all ages walked away from his message remembering that their attitude about life matters & that they can change their life for the worse or for the better with one decision. This event was the first of its kind for us and Tony was easy going, flexible, & willing to do whatever we needed him to do.
— Lauren P. Davie Central Region Addiction Resource Center- Project Coordinator
Tony Hoffman is incredibly inspirational! He is a dynamic and engaging presenter. He captivates and connects with his audience by speaking from his heart, sharing his experiences, and shedding light into his journey of recovery. His ability to engage professionals and teenagers in his message is certain to have an impact on their lives. He is a kind person on and off the stage. Following Q&A he took pictures with teenagers who look up to him and professionals who learn from him. He genuinely cares about our youth and communities and strives to make it a better place. I am profoundly thankful for having him speak in our rural county of Arizona. We hope to have him back soon!
— Kimberly Chappelear, Mohave County Superior Court, Court Team Director
Thank you much. My athletes have been thanking me and praising your words and delivery throughout the day. My part was SMALL in the overall outcome. Coaches and administrators have been echoing the athletes claims, that the passion and heart felt connection was pouring through everyone. Your journey and subsequent triumph in life, will be a beacon of light for others to follow. I commend you and truly appreciate your candor, you have left a charge of encouragement and enlightenment on Arkansas Tech’s campus.
— Brett "Duke" Waldon, MS, ATC, LAT, CSCS Head Athletic Trainer Associate Athletic Director, Arkansas Tech University
Tony was able to address this terrible epidemic with a heartfelt message and delivery. The stigmatism tied to addiction is paralyzing in this country and Tony has the gift of shining a light on the fact the recovery is real and our struggles are real. Tony’s presentation skills are second to none and he gives hope to so many of us who struggle with this terrible disease. God bless you Tony and please keep airing our voice and releasing the shackles of shame and guilt.
— Griffin Goetz- Laborers Union International of North America
We were privileged to have Tony speak to our students and community here in Gentry, Arkansas on August 24th. Tony has a natural talent for telling the story of his life in a way that connects with the audience.
The students, and adults, hung on every word as they found similarities in their own world. Tony is open and frank about his experience with addiction and his road to recovery. Every person should hear Tony speak. His words will change lives.
— Janie Parks- Gentry County Arkansas Chamber of Commerce Director
Tony responded to an immediate on line request from his website from a community group of 20 Dads in Mooresville, NC who wanted to have Tony share his profound life story and important message as a Father’s Day gift to our sons with the intent of showing them how much we want to continue to love, support and guide them as they progress in their teenage and young adult years and to help them understand first hand from Tony’s life story how “One choice can change the rest of your life”.

Tony’s courage to share his life story along with his dynamic ability to convey his message, coupled with his passion and caring demeanor, captivated not only our sons but all of us who were present that evening. Teenagers and young adults lives today are constantly faced with so many choices coming at them and consequences that could affect the rest of their lives. Every teen ager and young adult should hear Tony speak about his journey thru experimenting with marijuana and other illegal drugs, his drug addiction, but most importantly about how the Lord saved him the day before he was sent to prison at the age of 23 and shifted his entire thinking of life to his life meaning and purpose and the opportunity to inspire people to remind them that it’s not their struggles that define them , but the choices that they make do.

We want to thank Tony for his immediate reply to our request and making his busy schedule fit with our Father’s Day event to present a PRICELESS gift and message for our sons. Tony’s caring heart and social media information is truly available to those who are suffering and yes, he personally responds back as he did with us. Keep up the GOD work Tony, and may GOD continue to bless you and your message to other Dad’s, parents, and local communities like ours.
— -Mooresville, North Carolina, Dad’s
When Tony speaks, people listen… Although Tony’s life story is about his struggle with substance abuse and recovery, his message is so much stronger, so much more. It’s about making life choices; it’s about handling trials, tribulations and success; it’s about becoming the best you can be; it’s invigorating, challenging, and even difficult to hear. Tony’s level of energy is extraordinary. He connects with the audience and his passion for people is astonishing real. Tony’s devotion to, giving back to communities is unparalleled.
— Myra Wilkey, HCCP Executive Director Mental Health America of West Central Indiana, Inc.
The athletes, coaches, and parents of the Danville Oaks Rugby Football Club were fortunate to have Tony Hoffman with us on Friday, April 24, 2018. He was an excellent motivational speaker for our Club. Before Tony’s arrival, we were uncertain whether he would be able to effectively reach our players and educate them on the dangers of alcohol/drug use. We were apprehensive about the reaction Tony would get from players and parents. Our fears were unfounded. Tony captured the attention of the entire audience in the first five minutes of his presentation. Both players and parents felt connected to his story. Everyone could relate to the struggles he faced and the courage it took to fight back his addiction to drugs. He shared his “Micro Process” to help our audience establish better habits in their own life struggles. He made an impact on every person sitting in the room. Tony didn’t just speak and take off. He stayed for photos with the players and let them know he cared about them. He spoke to parents who wanted to get specific advice. By far, Tony Hoffman is one of the best speakers I have had the pleasure of meeting. We look forward to working with him in the future.
— Michael Walker- Danville Oaks Club, President
Your performance today was nothing short of spectacular. 1,000 high school students listened to every word of your powerful story. I am thoroughly impressed that you gave out your social media contact and continued to answer questions from our audience both privately and publicly. It shows how much you really care, a class act. I truly believe you saved many lives today and look forward to having you speak again soon. In my opinion, every 9-12th-grade kid should hear your message. Thanks again!
— Todd Bowen Founder/CEO New Life Clinics, INC
I would travel the country to see you speak again. I attend conferences (a lot) and have never been so moved and impacted by a keynote speaker. As a public defender I don’t always get to hear the depths of people’s journeys - thank you so much for your courage and willingness to share. Your talk alone made the conference worth it. I will be sharing the webcast with my judges, prosecutors, and community partners as soon as I get back!
— Amanda Riek- Wisconsin State, Public Defender
I was on the internet in search of a great guest speaker. I was so tired of boring assemblies that are about important stuff but never really address the help our kids today need. As a teacher I am pained by the fact that so many of my 9th graders are open users of substance on a daily basis. They are overwhelmed with stress, anxiety, and social and academic pressure. I have many students with ankle bracelets on house arrest. I have AP students willing to do whatever it takes to stay up all night to study. Why is this happening? I’m overwhelmed by prescription drugs all my students are on. How can I help them?

I came across Tony’s website and of course noticed the level of professionalism and reached out. Immediately the communication began and within a month Tony was at our school. Score for Ukiah High. Tony told his story to all students at once in the gym. I would say minimum 95% were listening and attentive the entire time. The students didn’t want to leave the gym when it was over. Tony extended his kindness and care for the students taking as many photos as they wanted, connecting with them on social media immediately. I didn’t hear one bad response to the assembly. 100’s of students thanked me for bringing Tony to our school. The student that inspired me to find Tony took the story so serious. The first thing he said is, “man he made me really think, inspires me to want to quit smoking”.

If you want to reach the kids that struggle with stress, anxiety, social pressures of this modern time, really reach them to their soul and make them questions the decisions they have yet to make, call Tony Hoffman. Let your work as a school begin here. Let it be your platform for addressing the true stress, pressure, and anxiety this generation feels. I don’t think you can find a better speaker. He is gold.
— Jessica Pearson- Ukiah High School- Student Success Coordinator
Last night, the San Diego State University Greek community had the opportunity to listen to Tony Hoffman speak on his life story. Tony articulated his experience with drug and alcohol abuse, as well as his path back to sobriety and success.

Last night was a truly life changing experience for myself, as well as many of the community members who attended. Listening to Tony speak with such raw emotion created an atmosphere that captivated all of the attendants (which is extremely difficult to achieve with college students). The opportunity to listen to Tony speak is priceless. The empathy felt through the vivid depiction of Tony’s life was overwhelming.

Without a doubt, I can say that I will never forget my experience with Tony. He is a man of character, kindness, wisdom, and empathy, and I have nothing but positive things to say about the man or his speaking ability.

I strongly recommend that if you are looking for a guest speaker to reach out for Tony’s services, you will not regret it.
— Alex Franks- Interfraternity Council Vice President of Risk Management, San Diego State University
The students and staff of the Red Oak High School (Red Oak, Iowa) were blessed and fortunate to have Tony Hoffman with us on Friday, March 16, 2018. Tony was unlike any other speaker I have heard in my twenty five years in education. He had the students’ attention from the very beginning. Tony captured their hearts with his story. He educated them on the lifelong impact of a single initial choice. Tony communicated with students after the assembly as well to let them know they matter. He left our school having brought tears to the eyes of some and smiles on the faces of others as they learned the struggles one can face in life. Tony Hoffman was the most genuine speaker I have had the opportunity to meet and his passion to help people who face the demons of addiction was visible to everyone in attendance.
— Tom Messinger- Superintendent- Red Oak School District
Tony delivers an inspiring and important message that all adolescents need to hear. This is not a “don’t do drugs speech.” Tony’s inspiring and raw story is about life lessons and deciding who you are and who you want to be. Passionate, honest and impactful. This is a home run for any high school age audience, especially boys!
— Mike Neller Commandant/Dean of Boys, Culver Academies
We were lucky to have Tony join us for our Cyclone Speaker Series for all varsity student-athletes at Iowa State University. Tony’s dynamic presentation style and engaging story kept all of our students on the edge of their seats. Our students have responded very positively to Tony’s message and I would absolutely recommend his presentation to anyone looking to educate, inspire, and motivate their students to make healthy choices
— Joanna L. Beaton Student-Athlete Affairs Coordinator, Iowa State University
Hi Tony,

On behalf of the the USD Students for Life Club, I’d like to thank you again for speaking at our Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention event. You made us feel motivated to be our best selves and encourage others to do the same. You also opened our eyes to the reality of of addiction and challenged us to change our perspectives on those struggling with addiction. We feel more confident in our abilities to reach out and support others in their struggles and we will most definitely continue to work to change the stigma that surrounds addiction.
— University San Diego
I just wanted to thank Putnam County Youth Development Commission as an educator for bringing Tony Hoffman to the students in your county and to further congratulate you for a great program. I have been in education for 20+ years and I have never seen 1,400+ kids so quiet for an entire hour.
— Jon Stuckey- Assistant Superintendent Southwest School Corporation- Sullivan, Indiana
While Tony spoke, the students were completely engaged, In a full gymnasium, you could hear a pin drop! The children were completely mesmerized by Tony’s energy, enthusiasm and honesty. It was clear that Tony is passionate about what he does and he has an incredibly unique way of making everyone in the audience feel as though he is speaking just to them. I would highly recommend Tony to any middle or high school looking to share this message with their students.

Tony spent time after the presentation speaking with students and taking photos with them. To see the impact his words had on the students, you just have to look at his instagram where dozens of Rye Neck students have written him notes of appreciation.
— Meegan Lawlor, School Counselor, Rye Neck Middle School
Not many people can captivate an audience for an hour telling their life story, but Tony Hoffman did. Offering our community a gritty glimpse of his life as an addict, he left not doubt that one choice can open the door to years of misery. Tony educated us with his knowledge of the hazards of substance abuse and inspired us with his faith and determination to recover and help others
— Corrine Walsh- Niceville, Florida
Tony’s story will shock you, make you hate him, envy him, pity him, relate to him, make you root for him and love him all in one exciting, sad, tragic, and hopeful hour. Your kids will not be bored and will leave changed forever with a new ad real perspective of drugs and their consequences
— Daphne Faye- Niceville, Florida
In a very unassuming sincere way, Tony left a big impact on our community. He gave our efforts a huge boost! Thank you Tony!
— Hope 4 Pike- Pike County, Pennsylvania
Thank you for coming and actually talking to us, not lecturing us. I can honestly say I rarely listen to speakers but I did to you and I listened word for word!
— West York Area High School, student
Our students were able to relate to Tony’s story. We all appreciated his style of presenting and his use of the door analogy. Students were able to take so much from this presentation and their thoughts are now focused in a more positive direction.
— Dr. May, Principal at West York Area High School
As a school we put a large amount of time and energy into choosing the right fit for our student body when it comes to presenters. I can say with a resounding “YES” that Tony was the right choice! Tony delivers a message unlike any which I have heard before, he doesn’t walk on stage and tell students the things they are anticipating to hear when they come into an assembly on Substance Abuse. He delivers a message that draws them in deeply and holds their attention, his story helps to keep them engaged and his delivery is exceptional. I have received nothing but positive feedback from our students, they feel fired up and ready to take on the world! Tony focuses a lot on finding your gifts and using those gifts to glorify God and serve others, our students were able to relate to this powerful message and have been talking about it for days. It is a message of hope, of faith and of perseverance. I am delighted to have had Tony here and look forward to having him back.
— Mrs. Amanda R Malixi, MA. LPC- Strake Jesuit College Preparatory School
We sincerely enjoyed Tony Hoffman’s time here in Salmon, ID. When he spoke at our assembly, he didn’t preach; instead, he enamored the students with his story, and they are still talking about it today! We are grateful for the significant impact Tony had on our school and community!
— Amber Pace- Salmon High School
What an incredible presentation. I hate to say it that way since the content of your message is very scary but very much a reality in the world today.
The kids could not stop talking about how they took what you said to heart. They said “ we will not walk through the door”. Thank you for helping our children choose life... not drugs.
— Kim Gillies-Bush- FMAC (Fairfield Municipal Alliance) Chair
Tony lights up the room with the energy of truth, hope and humor. He gives new meaning to the phrases “spellbinding” and “riveting.” Story telling is an ancient art with the power to heal, clearly Tony Hoffman is an old soul living in a young spirits heart.

Our clients ranged from drug court clients to medical students. All of their questions were welcomed by Tony Hoffman and their response was cheering applause.
— Sall Reames- CEO - Community Healing Centers (Southwest Michigan)
Kingsley Area Schools had the pleasure of having Tony Hoffman address our student-
athletes on the power of their choices. Tony’s straightforward message about his life
and the consequences of his choices really resonated with our athletes. We had nothing
but positive feedback from our kids and I would highly recommend Tony to any school
who wants to positively impact their student population.
— Mitch Miggenburg, Athletic Director Kingley Area Schools, Kingsley MI
Tony Hoffman shares from the heart and soul a journey no individual should ever have to take. He holds nothing back as he speaks with intense emotion and shares how poor self-esteem and negative decisions led to substance use and then years of abuse. When Tony was speaking one could feel his emotions and connect with him. His journey came alive in his talk, and the way individuals felt connected to him was phenomenal.
— Andrea Vogel, MSW, LSW Communities That Care Program Director
We requested Tony to be a key part of the program to share his story with our students. His ability to communicate and connect in a way that is the same language high schoolers speak was essential. Students were able to hear directly from a real individual the consequences of making choices and finding your path.
— Katy Delgado -Senior Advisor, Westchester County Executive Office
Our community, like so many others, is struggling with a serious opioid epidemic. We’ve seen first-hand the devastating effect it has on our families. With this in mind, we wanted a speaker who could connect not only with the youth of our town but with their parents, too, and all of those affected by the destructive effects of drug addiction. We found Tony to be the man we were looking for. He is incredibly gifted — as an athlete, as a coach, as a public speaker — and especially in how he was able to challenge the way so many of us think about addiction and those who are struggling with it. Tony’s personal witness was powerful. He shows both vulnerability and great strength. His talk was humble, raw, compassionate, incredibly honest and, ultimately, so hopeful. God has given Tony great gifts. We’re deeply grateful that he is so willing to share them.
— Fr. Joe Mazzone, Pastor, Catholic Parishes of Stoughton
We invited Tony Hoffman to come speak to middle and high school students in two Snohomish County school districts. The way he tells his personal story engages students in a way they can hear his message. He was able to vary the message for the different age levels. The students not only listened to his every word, but had many questions following his presentation. It is not often kids will raise their hand and ask questions in a gym full of 1,500 of their peers! Many students also messaged and followed him before we even left the parking lot of the schools. Tony is a dynamic, interactive speaker who shares his message of redemption and hope. We highly recommend bringing him in to share his story with other groups.
— Andrea Conley, Co-Leader Arlington Drug Awareness Coalition, Arlington WA
“I’m being 110% when I say this: Never before in my life have I actually shed tears during an assembly. When I was sitting there in those seats, I felt a new sense of inspiration that I usually don’t find easily. Many anti-drug presentations have been put in front of us, but none so passionate and so caring as Tony’s. When Tony came off the stage to talk to the students, he looked exactly like their parent or older relative sharing bits of wisdom. Every single word he spoke went straight to my mind and soul. I left that room feeling a sudden surge of creativity and motivation to do something great and thats exactly what a speaker should do to their audience. What an experience”
— ER- Oak Harbor High School Student
It is my distinct honor to share my experience with Tony Hoffman and his visit to Ottawa County. Tony came to share his story with our high school students. But it isn’t just his story that touched our kids. It is the connection he makes with them on every level. His message is powerful, there is no doubt about that, but it’s also how he relates to kids and how much he cares deeply about them. It’s the caring that shines through as he answers questions and speaks individually with them in the lobby after his talk. It’s his interaction with them on social media. It’s the individual attention he pays to them when they private message him about the question they just couldn’t ask in front of their peers. It is rare to see someone give so much of themselves. It is a gift that Tony Hoffman is sharing to help others. Thank you, Tony. You are making a difference in the lives of those fortunate enough to hear your message.
— Rene Claycomb- Port Clinton Kiwanis Club
Tony connects with kids in a way that draws them into his story. He breaks it down and makes it simple for people to understand that it’s all about your mindset and doing all the little things right. Kids listen because Tony is real and authentic and he doesn’t sugar coat the choices he’s made. When Tony speaks, kids are hanging on every word
— Randy Stumpfhauser- Selma High School, Success 101 Teacher
There are days and moments that I will always remember in my years so far as an educator, and today’s guest speaker Tony Hoffman at Oak Harbor High School was one of them. His message of hope and perseverance really touched a nerve with our students. I think he reached hearts, minds and some souls today. To quote one of our students: What an experience”
— Guy Parmigian- Ottawa County Superintendent
Out of all the speakers we’ve had come to Port Clinton High School, Tony’s was by far the best
— PCHS Student
Tony’s speech was something i’ll never forget! I’ve heard many don’t do drug speeches as a student but i’ve never got to hear a real life story of someone who went through it. If only everyone got a chance to hear what Oak Harbor students got to hear. The passion and drive that was put into the words Tony said definitely did not go unnoticed. Thanks for such a powerful and moving message.
— Oak Harbor High School student.
Tony Hoffman’s presentation for our Celebrate Recovery event in Statesboro, GA had a profound effect on all who heard him speak. I was privileged to be the event coordinator and would highly recommend Tony as a speaker and would have him back again given the opportunity. I have seen for myself that Tony’s life is a miracle. He is committed to sharing what God has done in his life and God is using that to impact many others. His presentation is for anyone of any age and his passion is to share his story with youth in hopes that it will prevent them from making the same mistakes he did. Tony Hoffman’s courage to change is one that I will attempt to imitate in my life and one that I will never forget.
— Michele Ver Beek Celebrate Recovery Facilitator Eastern Heights Baptist Church Statesboro, GA
We needed a speaker for our annual Wyoming Methamphetamine and Substance Abuse Conference that is held in Casper, Wyoming every April. I came across Tony Hoffman’s story of addiction and recovery. Our committee decided that Tony would be a perfect fit to open our conference.

Tony is an outstanding, engaging and dynamic speaker, who keeps audiences enthralled with his testimony. I had the honor of listening to Tony speak at the conference and later at Roosevelt High School. Tony was able to connect with the students to the extent that they stayed after school to continue speaking with him.

I would highly recommend Tony as a speaker at any conference or school that is looking for an energetic and enthusiastic speaker to share his story of addiction and recovery. Thanks for visiting Wyoming and sharing your testimony with us! I am glad I had the opportunity to meet Tony and spend some time getting to know him.
— Detective John Hatcher, Casper Police Department/Co-Chair of the Wyoming Methamphetamine and Substance Abuse Conference
We’ve never had a speaker receive a standing ovation at our Night of Hope event until Tony
— Ally Lang- COO- Hope is Alive Ministries
Tony Hoffman was a dynamic speaker on many levels he had a way of engaging the crowd. He shared his personal recovery journey which provided hope and empowerment. The planning committee of Michigan Celebrate Recovery was extremely pleased with Tony Hoffman as a speaker and will recommend him.
— Lauren Stovall- Prevention Specialist- NCADD-GDA
Students were intently engaged in Tony’s personal and compelling account of his young and gifted life that led from his dreams for success, an attitude of entitlement and mindset for short-cuts, to choices with tragic implications. Ultimately, Tony’s message is one of hope with a challenge to others. His powerful story-telling ability and incredible authenticity in sharing his experience and insight left an auditorium full of high school students, who were silent throughout his presentation, cheering for more when it was over. Tony is, hands down, the best speaker that OCADA Coalition has sponsored and we will absolutely invite him back.
— Lisa Mininger Retallack- OCADA Coalition- Public Relations & Community Outreach Nyack Public Schools
Tony’s presentation was an awesome start to our school year and much needed for our Greek community. His story of redemption despite incredible odds captivated the entire auditorium. We would love to work with him again in the future
— Marissa A. Lee- University of Albama, President, Phi Mu Capstone Men & Women
Tony Hoffman’s presentation actually transformed an auditorium full of students into a group of active listeners engaged in a “conversation”. Hoffman weaves his life experience into a presentation that emits a powerful relatable message in which students hear about the dangers of marijuana, pills, other substances and the impact of attitudes, behaviors and split second decisions on long-term goals. It is easy to incorporate Tony’s presentation into my continuous work of substance prevention, wellness and healthy lifestyle choices. His presentation would enhance the work of any school tied to the safety and wellbeing of their students.
— Dornzella Milligan, Nyack Public School District, Nyack High School Student Support Services Prevention Coordinator
Tony spoke to students in a way that made a real connection. He spoke about marijuana as a gateway drug in a way that made sense and that (students) didn’t dismiss
— Bobby VanCura, parent of high school student, President of OCADA Coalition and 2nd Sheriff of Rockland County, NY
When I booked Tony to speak to our local school system, I really had no idea what to expect. We previously brought in local speakers on the topic of addiction, and even like peer individuals, but Tony’s connection with the students was amazing. He kept the students’ attention the entire hour. I attended all three presentations and I was still on the edge of my seat each time. Tony’s message wasn’t only about addiction but started with bad decision making as a young child. Since his visit, I have been bombarded with positive feedback from students and staff. Numerous parents have responded about discussions the kids came home and shared with them. Tony took time after each presentation to visit with students who wanted a one-on-one and responded to each and every Instagram as he promised he would do. It was an amazing experience to bring Tony to our community. Please feel free to contact me for any additional information.
— Beth Genslinger Communications Representative Valley View Community Drug-Free Coalition
I heard Tony Hoffman’s presentation at the Neligh Public School on March 20, 2017. I felt that his presentation was very open and honest and hit some points that I have not heard from other speakers. His candidness about his descent into drugs, first with alcohol, then marijuana, and then onto other drugs was something that I think youth need to hear. When he spoke about living on the street or on someone’s couch gave a clear picture of how alcohol or drugs can affect our lives. His openness about stealing drugs from his friend’s mother and his subsequent incarceration was very impactful to me. I also liked that he did talk about the treatment side of his recovery and didn’t give the youth the impression that you can just stop using any time that you want to. Overall, I believe that Tony was one of the best speakers that I have heard in the school system.
— Ann Koopman Regional Prevention Coordinator Norfolk, NE
We are exceedingly pleased with Mr. Hoffman’s presentation. Tony captivated the students’ attention with his transparent and authentic story. This was evident in their substantive, on topic questions and their desire to converse with him afterward. The candid message hit on a multitude of topics including substance abuse, treatment, consequences, goals, work ethic, attitude, and the list goes on. Tony’s message instills hope, motivates, and inspires all to be the best version of themselves. We hope to have him back!
— ACDC Coalition Antelope County, Nebraska
I was very pleased with the presentation, as Tony is young and was highly relatable to the students.  I expected a run of the mill question and answer session, but it was much better than that.  To me, it was money well spent and I know it has created some good conversations among our kids.  I think it got them to see where they themselves are with their decision making, as well as what they are seeing amongst their peers.
— Scott Gregory, Ed.S. Superintendent Neligh-Oakdale Public Schools Neligh, NE
The feedback regarding Tony was so incredibly positive. The students *loved* him and said he was the best speaker who put all the other public speakers to shame!
— Laura Trojan- Staff- Country Day School
Tony’s story is moving and powerful. Never have I seen our students so engaged. All high school students need to hear his story.
— Mike Grossman- Guidance Counselor- Liberty High School
Tony delivers an honest, passionate portrayal of his life that is both compelling and inspiring. He highlights the importance of good decision making (from a very early age) and relates how poor choices come with life-altering consequences. Definitely a message worth hearing for both parents and students.
— Mark Trapani (Parent)
I highly recommend Tony for any athletic department that is seeking to motivate and inspire their student-athletes. Not only does Tony bring an incredible message of the dangers of substance abuse he also delivers and inspirational message of hard work and not cheating your opportunities. Tony can connect with any audience. The feedback we have received from community members, community leaders, high school students and our college athletes has been tremendous. You will not be disappointed with Tony’s message!
— Nate Stewart Athletic Director Valley City State University

Everyone is still talking about his speech. I had no doubt with him. I would recommend him to EVERYONE because in this day and age, we all need to hear this. Cold hard truth!

Thank you again, we are extremely satisfied with Tony!
— Debbie May- Safety Administrator- Menard Group USA
Tony Hoffman came to ECU last week and was absolutely incredible. As a student-athlete, we’ve had numerous speakers during my career and I can honestly say this was the best one yet. He was extremely relatable, real, and passionate about the topics he spoke about. I don’t think I’ve ever seen all the student-athletes in one place so attentive, quiet, and most important, not on their phones.
— Erika Figueroa (Senior, ECU Volleyball)
Our Middle School students were spellbound by Tony’s presentation — glued to his every word. One kid told me that Tony was different from most speakers in his genuine honesty about himself and his journey. Tony’s message was about so much more than the dangers of drugs and alcohol. It was about the profound impact of every choice we make. It was about the hard work required to overcome character flaws and life-changing mistakes. Most of all, though, it was about hope and redemption. A great speaker with a powerful message!
— John Anderson Head of Middle School Pace Academy (Atlanta, Georgia)
I can best describe Tony’s effect on our high school students, by sharing some of the things they wrote about him on their evaluation forms.

‘I like how he talked and didn’t use statistics, he spoke from his life.’
‘Sometimes the tough road is the best.’
‘I liked his story, it was really eye-opening.’
‘I learned that once you walk through the door that leads to drugs, it’s hard to go back through.’

Tony didn’t glamorize his bad choices in life at all. Nor did he say his life is easy now. He simply talked about himself, and how his attitude and choices led him into making decisions that had lifelong negative consequences. The students were completely engaged in his message, and talked long after he left about the positive influence he left with them.
— Joyce Glynn- Founder- Michael Glynn Memorial Coalition
We brought Tony in to not only address our students, but also the community at large. When Tony spoke we could hear a pin drop in a gymnasium with approximately 1300 students. He delivered a powerful message (without preaching) that resonated with my student body. To quote a student, “He is the best speaker we have ever had” and I wholeheartedly back up that statement. It was a pleasure to have Tony in my school and community and I would not hesitate to bring him in again.
— Jeremie Sirois Principal, Biddeford High School Biddeford, Maine.
Mr. Hoffman connected to our teenage student body with both his story and delivery. He extended the lessons of his own life experiences into a message that was relevant to everyone. I highly recommend Tony as a thought provoking and influential speaker for the teenagers of this generation.
— Jinee Sargent, Bella Vista HS, Fair Oaks, CA
Thank you Tony in helping spread our Rotary Clubs mission to promote Healthy choices

Our Red Ribbon committee was extremely pleased with your results and enjoyed your company for the day. You are truly inspirational and passionate about life’s choices.

Many of the 3000 students you spoke with continue to talk about your story and how it may have changed their direction in life.

Give them a purpose and they will succeed!!
— Jim Godbout Chair, Biddeford -Saco Rotary Club Red Ribbon Committee Maine
Tony Hoffman’s story of how he lost his way with drugs and then found his way back from the brink to a life of service really connected with our students. Tony’s story is raw and honest, and he is a sensational public speaker. At Gaston Day, our hope is that Tony’s story is a powerful reminder of the dangers of drug and alcohol use. We are so glad that he was here.

— Richard Rankin Anderson Davis Warlick Head of Gaston Day School
When he began his dialogue with our student-athletes, I immediately knew it was going to be different than the typical “Don’t do drugs, kids” speech. He was a phenomenal athlete whose life was turned upside down by one choice, and that was the foundation of his speech. His start to life and athletics related to so many of the student-athletes sitting in front of him that I believe his message, that one small poor choice can quickly spiral out of control, was very well-received and taken to heart by the whole crowd. I was impressed with Tony’s ability to connect with our student-athletes, and I think it spoke volumes that many of them stayed after the session had ended to shake his hand and thank him for coming and sharing his life story.
— Cindi Miller (ECU Assistant Volleyball Coach)
He told a great story about the effects of even the simplest of choices in life. He made me truly realize how lucky I am to be a student-athlete at ECU. I walked away truly grateful for what I have been blessed with, but conscious that it could vanish in an instant.
— Charlie Yorgen (Junior, ECU Baseball)
Tony Hoffman delivers with passion and persistence. His story tugs at the heart, while empowering community to grasp transformation for the betterment of self and others. Tony’s sensitivity and understanding of people of diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds can be attributed to his own exposure with hurt and hardship. That is why his journey is so powerful, and should be shared with many.
— Eddie Valero- Director, Young Men's Initiative
Tony’s story of his journey from the pits of addiction which lead to him being on the streets on the brink of death to his recovery journey where he now helps young people through his Freewheel Project is one of the most awe-inspiring stories I have had the honor of hearing. He offered hope to those who are feeling hopeless and encouragement to those who love persons who suffer from addiction. One of the most important things he offered is that persons who are suffering from addiction need to know they are loved and valued and that someone believes they can recover.
— Tracey, Clinical Director, Huron Behavioral Health, Bad Axe, MI
Mr. Hoffman’s personal message of recovery and redemption is a powerful reminder of the personal strength that it takes to battle addiction and the important role of community in supporting the recovery process. His presentation is something that everyone can benefit from hearing and his engaging speaking style invites participation from the audience. Mr. Hoffman humanizes and destigmatizes the addiction epidemic faced throughout our country and leaves everyone with knowledge on how to help.
— Dr. Natalie Nugent, Huron Behavioral Health
A powerful message delivered in the language of the heart, which reaches youth, teens, and adults alike
— Richard Brueckner, Esq. -Assistant State's Attorney Heroin Reduction Strategist
It was at that moment that I sat back and listened, my choices became the most important thing in my life
— Josephine Organista-Mojica- Wicomico High School
All the feedback we have received from the coaches, athletes, and administrators who were there, say it was outstanding. Probably the best one I’ve been to personally. He really connected with the kids and they paid attention to him the whole time, which is no easy feat. There were numerous athletes who contacted a coordinator after the presentation asking about Tony’s social media sites and contact information. We will definitely recommend him to other schools.
— Michael J. Hanley Associate Athletics Director/Student Services - ECU East Carolina University
Tony Hoffman is the most remarkable story teller I’ve ever heard
— Din Thomas- UFC Fighter & WEC Fighting Champion
It’s a story that confronts students with the same struggles they deal with everyday and the ending message gives them hope.
— Casey Olson- Clovis Unified School District
The most powerful part of this presentation was that wasn’t a lecture, it was a life story
— Rees Warne - Principal, Gateway High School
I don’t think I have ever seen the kids so captivated by a speaker!
— Gary Johnson- Social Science Teacher
Sault Area High School students were impressed with Tony Hoffman’s ability to relay his message. Tony was able to speak to students at their level, and bring his story to life. Tony told the students “my life is an open book” and allowed students to ask him extremely difficult and personal questions. His positive impact on students was felt by all who attended. In my opinion, Families Against Narcotics of Chippewa County are doing great things to make a positive impact on the youth of our community.
— Carl McCready- Principal Sault Area High School
Tony was the keynote speaker for our community summit on addiction in May of 2014. Our audience consisted of a very wide variety of people from MD’s to middle school kids and the feedback we received was AMAZING! His keynote address was personal, informative and inspiring to all those who attended. Tony is very genuine and connects with both parents and kids alike. His story is real and the young teens related to his words about making good choices. In addition, his message provided addicts and their loved ones in attendance with hope for their own recovery. I encourage anyone committed to addiction awareness programs in their community to invite Tony to speak at their events.
— Sandi Kelly, Director of Events and Communications- Camden County, New Jersey
I can’t imagine that anyone would have been better. Very happy with his presentation.
— Joe Claxton - F.A.N. Families Against Narcotics, Sault Ste, Michigan
In August of 2014, Tony Hoffman gave his testimony to a large group of students from the Brownwood area. This was the 3rd year for our event and Tony was by far the best speaker we have had. Tony was engaging, interesting, and motivating. I watched the students as he talked and all of them seemed to be hanging on every word. His story was real and his personality enabled him to make a true connection with the students. I can honestly say that Tony’s testimony changed lives that day. After that, Tony went to another location and spoke with a group of boys in a juvenile detention facility. This was a tough group of kids who had seen their share of trouble. Even though the audience was quite different, Tony found a way to engage and motivate these young men. I spent the better part of 2 days with Tony and I can vouch for his character and the devotion he has to his calling. I am proud to call him my friend. I give him the highest of recommendations.
— Chief of Police- Mike Corley- Brownwood, Texas
We had an great experience with Tony! He was excellent in sharing his story and being candid and friendly with the students. He was an absolute joy to get to know and we thoroughly enjoyed having him. Also, working with APB was very nice. Things went way smoother for us this year all around with this presentation. Thanks again!
— Eastern Connecticut State University
Tony Hoffman has come to our campus twice now and I can wholeheartedly say that he is one of the most influential speakers we have ever had. Tony is a unique speaker—he is not the type of person that the students look at and immediately think is going to lecture them about not using drugs, and the best part is that they are correct. His impact comes from telling his story and the crutch of his argument is about the choices you make in life.
— Principal, Buchanan High School
Tony’s engaging presentation truly impacted the middle and high school students’ perception about drug use and abuse. He grabbed and held on to their attention as he educated more than 2,000 students about the stark reality of how addiction completely took over and almost destroyed his life.
— Westmoreland Drug & Alcohol Commission, Inc.
Mr. Hoffman’s style of delivery works very well with students. He adjusted his message to match the unique demographics of our school. Students were very impacted by his message, as evidenced by the large number that stayed after school to speak with him personally. Many of the students shared their own stories with him and related their hopes for the future to his message of redemption and self-improvement. Mr. Hoffman willingly stayed at the school for nearly 45 extra minutes to talk with students individually, as well as sign autographs and take pictures. I would strongly recommend Mr. Hoffman to work with youth at any school regardless of size, demographics, or age. His ability to engage students in his message is certain to impact everyone that listens.
— Principal, Sequoia Middle School
Thanks for your willingness to tailor your talk to our needs—you did a great job of blending your life story with the need for our students to engage powerful choice-making. Your continued referral back to the impact of your poor choices resonated with our students and they thought you were great! Your heartfelt and very honest conversation with the kids drew them in; selflessly, you gave a picture of “Tony Hoffman” and allowed them to judge for themselves. This courageous act underscored the importance of your message. You were willing to risk disfavor for a life-changing message. I look forward to our next meeting.
— Principal, Mt. Whitney High School
Tony is Awesome—he was a pleasure to work with and his message was impactful.
— Hampden Sydney College
His presentation was both inspirational and entertaining, and far surpassed our expectations.
— Executive Director, Comprehensive Addiction Program
Tony spoke to over 1,680 students and staff members at our kick-off assembly for Red Ribbon Week at Selma High School. Tony spoke about his personal highs and lows in life as it related to his professional BMX cycling career. His message was clear and concise for students so that all in attendance truly knew the impact that substance abuse had on his personal life and professional career. Tony was able to connect to students throughout the forty-five minute assemblies as he chronicled his fall into homelessness and poverty followed by a self-commitment to fully use the talents he had been given to be a world-class BMX rider.
— Principal Selma High School
He shares his experiences and process of recovery with his charismatic style and his willingness to honestly share about his experiences was very popular with all of our agency’s clients, professionals & counselors alike. His life is as much about the resilience of the human spirit as it is about second chances
— Executive Director, Kings of Kings Community Center