We were fortunate enough to have Tony come speak to our athletes & student body at Mount Saint Mary College. Tony’s message was delivered in a powerful way and he had the attention of the room the entire night. He speaks with such passion and energy that has the ability to engulf you. His message goes way beyond being involved in sports but focuses on making better and healthier decisions. When Tony tells his story, he does it in a way that creates strong imagery that you feel like you are actually in the story. I feel like Tony is very relatable to the college aged student and that his messages are well perceived. I received nothing but positive feedback even days after his speaking event. The athletes raved about his ability to have a lasting impact on their decision making processes going forward. I would highly recommend Tony to any and all sports programs because he is an outstanding speaker and did a phenomenal job. He is very approachable and genuinely cares about helping other human beings. If you haven’t done so yet, book Tony Hoffman for your athetes! He is a game changer!
— Trevor Purcell Assistant Director of Athletics Mount Saint Mary College

I literally am filled with the biggest piece of joy when I get to speak to a college sports program. I’m an athlete, I love athletes and I live for competition. It’s been inside of me since I was a very young boy. Trevor, who is the assistant director for the athletics program at Mount St. Mary’s contacted me back in the fall about coming to speak with his athletes and students apart of the campus. He said that Chris Herren came a few years ago and he was looking to really to leave the same type of impact Chris leaves with his audiences. Chris is a fantastic speaker with a hell of a story. He and I have been doing speaking events for a similar amount of time. The one thing I assured Trevor, my impact will be identical to the one Chris leaves behind. I believe strongly that Chris and I are the best when it comes to connecting with youth audiences and the way we tell our stories is “different” than other speakers.

It just so happened that my time to be in New York was during this vortex storm that was literally producing the coldest weather the midwest and east coast have ever seen. I do have to admit, it was FREEZING but luckily I didn’t need to be outside for very long at all haha.

I got to do a meet and greet with several coaches before my speech and then a dinner with some of the athletes. It was great to spend some time with staff and athletes before hand to share parts of my story and insight into my work with them before the big show. Once all the athletes filled the auditorium for the evening I got right into my story and I would say it went beyond perfectly. So many students reached to me afterwards with positive messages and the Q & A portion went exceptionally well. They had plenty of questions and sometimes that can be extremely difficult in college audiences. I really want to say thank you to the entire Mount Saint Mary’s organization, thank you for your hospitality and hard work in bringing me to New York, it was an honor!