Our school was honored to host Tony Hoffman on our campus to share his story with our students, staff, parents, and community members. In recognition of a drug issue at our school and in our community, student leaders came to me to request a speaker who might inspire our student body. After a great deal of research of guest speakers, our students chose Tony because of the message that he delivers as well as his ability to relate to students.

Tony delivered far above and beyond our expectations. He completely captivated the attention of our 1,400 students and staff for an hour and a half, which is absolutely unprecedented. During the question and answer part of his talk, we were able to clearly hear questions that came from the top row of our balcony, as students were that attentive to what he had to say. Afterward, Tony spent the remainder of the day in our building talking with students and visiting classrooms. Moreover, he has continued to respond to our students via social media. His impact is lasting long past his time with us.

Tony demonstrates a genuine care for students and for his mission to help others. Not only do I confidently recommend Tony Hoffman to any school or organization, but also I look forward to welcoming him back to our school in the future. He is an exceptional speaker and an inspirational human being.
— Ashley Kappelmann Principal, Liberal High School Liberal, KS

Several months ago I was contacted by a student at Liberal High School in Liberal Kansas, his name is Jesus Pena. He explained in his email that his desire was to put together an event that could meet the needs of his fellow students. Along side of him were several other students committed to bringing a life changing presentation to their school. The big hurdle? Funding.. It’s not uncommon for schools to be extremely low on funding when it comes to bringing events like what I bring to a campus. I spoke with Jesus and his Principal, Ashley Kappleman and they decided that they had an idea, to present to the local city council about bringing me.

All of the student leaders along with Jesus stood before their local government and asked that the government support their event and they were successful. I really have to commend each and every one of those students on their dedication to the school and working as hard as they did to bring me to their campus.

My time there was nothing short of amazing. My presentation was silent the entire time as 1400+ students listened to me talk about my experiences. Afterwards, The Q&A was so good we ran out of time and had to get the students back to class, I always love when the students recognize that they can ask me whatever and that we should take advantage of the time we have.

Liberal did something not a lot of other schools ask of me and I thought it was perfect. I spent the rest of the day on campus, talking to students, visiting classrooms and taking photos with the students. I believe strongly that this really increases the impact that I am able to leave behind as the students get to know me more personally. After my time with the students I presented during the evening with my breaking the stigma speech. It was an incredible day that i’m so thankful for. Thank you to Jesus and team! You guys are the best. Liberal Kansas until next time! Cya!