“Tony’s program was riveting. He was able to take us on an emotional rollercoaster, all the while driving home the point that each one of us has our own unique story that has molded and shaped us into the person that we are today. 

The following message continues to resonate through our souls nearly twenty four hours after the program, rather than placing judgement on people who are truly unable to modify their destructive actions, we should instead, invest the time to determine what has caused these actions to surface in their life.”

— Josh Hull- Business Development Coordinator- Glenn O. Hawbaker Inc.

I've started this year off with a bang, 2019 has really been off to a great start. I got a call from Glenn O. Hawbaker several months ago and their event coordinators were looking to put something together just a little bit different on the substance use speaker/education side of things then they’ve done in the past. After doing their homework they decided that I would be a great fit to not only educate and change perspectives on substance use but I would bring an inspirational message that was engaging to several hundred of their management employees that would go back a field and work with the rest of the Glenn O. Hawbaker staff

After speaking with the executives, I was delighted that they selected me for the event and I knew that this event would be top notch, you could tell during our phone call that these folks give attention to detail. My video guy, Marcus Henderson, has been traveling with me for several events so far this year as I ramp up my marketing and we were both pleased to see that the room in which I was speaking for the convention was nicely lit and hosted plenty of room. I spoke just down the street from Penn State College, if you are not familiar with Penn State, you probably don't like football.

I was really pleased with how my substance abuse presentation turned out. I really tried to motivate the managers to have the tough conversation with their employees whom they may think is struggling with substance use issues. Oftentimes we ignore those who we think are on drugs or even know they're on drugs because, “That's their life choices and I'm going to stay out of it.”  When in reality we need to be having those tough conversations with people because we never know when we’re going to be the person that helps them change their lives and after all we don't want them to lose their jobs over failed drug tests, we want to inspire them to get the help that they need before they lose their job and their family suffers as a result.

Several employees came up to me after and thanked me for my message I shared, that they have family members who were struggling with similar things, so they could relate.. It's not easy to get the attention of adult audiences but it was clear I had the attention of Glenn O. Hawbaker for the hour they allowed me to present. I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity and want to say thank you to Glenn O. Hawbaker Inc.