Well, if I told you that I was tired, that would be a complete understatement. I am beyond tired if I could realistically describe my current condition. Despite my exhaustion from traveling heavily since August, I can assure you I am filled with joy and so incredibly grateful for everyone who has trusted my message in front of their audiences. The momentum seems to continue progressing upward, which I could not be any happier about. Every event literally puts me one step closer to opening my own treatment center.

South Dakota Hospital Association hosted me last month at their yearly conference. I’ve been to South Dakota one time previously but it was a little off the beaten path. This conference was being held in town which was nice because I was able to get some much needed rest before speaking and fly home directly after the event to continue my rest before heading out to work in Maryland.

One of the highlights of the event was getting to meet comedian Chris Farley’s brother who does speaking and talks a lot about his brother and his brothers substance use struggles. During my speech I was actually really happy with the way my talk went. Sometimes talks can just feel like they went better than other talks for no real scale tipping reason other than timing, fluidness and audience engagement all seemed to be perfectly in line. This was the case in South Dakota.

I find in these areas that we are dealing with a little more stigma that super populated states where things are more progressive. I don’t say this in a heavy negative light, it just means that my talk is super beneficial for those in these areas. They are open to new perspectives but these new ideas must be presented to them. To be apart of that for this conference was truly an honor. I’m looking forward to speaking in front of more hospital associations in the years to come.

Thank you South Dakota