He was very engaging. His message that smoking weed leads harder drugs was good for our students to hear. He also gave a powerful message about following and not giving up on your dreams
— Lynn Burnette- Teacher, LCO High School

One of my final presentations in the Hayward Wisconsin area was with LCO. This was a unique school held on tribal grounds. LCO Behavioral Health is in fact a tribal organization. Like the others I presented to in Wisconsin they were very small in population. My presentation to LCO had around 150 students, 200 max. Again, another presentation that didn’t require a microphone and the respectful of the students didn’t require any kind of special attention. I did have one student during this presentation that felt what I was telling them was not in fact the truth. Some times I will have these students stand up in front of everyone else, state their name to me and I will tell them I want you to find me in 10 years and message me. I have them stand up because I want them to remember that moment and what I was saying to them. I hope that one of the students who I ask to do this does message me after 10 years to tell me if I was right or wrong about everything I told them that day. I know that one of them will at some point.