We had the pleasure of having Tony Hoffman speak to our 8th grade class at the Dingman-Delaware Middle School. I expected another, “Don’t do this because I did that” presentation. What I didn’t expect was such a powerful presentation that would reach kids so close to their hearts that you could see them crying during the presentation. I was shocked, not just at the number of students that were visibly emotional and touched, but also the students that I would have never guessed were dealing with issues in their own lives. Our students hugged and thanked him for now understanding WHY loved ones in their family were acting the way they were. The time he took individually after the presentation to listen to and give advice about seeking help was unbelievable. Tony Hoffman not only delivers a powerful presentation, he conveys a message of how important it is to him that these students find the help they need to change their lives. Everyone in the auditorium could sense not only how sincere he was but how much it really mattered to him to make a difference in any life he could reach. He replied to every student who messaged him last night from our school! If you book Tony Hoffman, my only recommendation is to be prepared to deal with the many students that his message hits home with! My staff still cannot stop talking about his presentation. Outstanding!
— Brian McCarthy Principal Dingman-Delaware Middle School

My second presentation supported by Carbon Pike Drug & Alcohol Commission was held at Dingman-Delaware Middle School. Something about my speeches lately have been unique in that i’ve not needed a microphone at a good amount of the places i’ve been speaking at. Which to be honest, is not a bad thing. There is a extra level of emotion that I think you can give when you don’t use a microphone and the people can really feel that level of intensity that you put into the speeches.

This speech contained about 150 8th grade students that were attentive the entire time that I was speaking. Middle school presentations always lean more on friends and how important it is to make good friends because friends will influence their choices. I think that it better meets those students where they are at as well. They are all very young and drugs is so far from most of their thinking or even what most are seeing on a day to day basis they need to understand the process of how they may end up in locations that pressure them into using drugs. I didn’t get to hang out with the students to much but I made sure that the students who wanted to stay after all got the attention that they deserved and needed. I always say this but I pride myself in that! I don’t ever want to be a speaker that is not connected to it’s audience. My listeners need to know that I care and that I want to hear from them or be there for them.