We were privileged to have Tony speak to our students and community here in Gentry, Arkansas on August 24th. Tony has a natural talent for telling the story of his life in a way that connects with the audience.
The students, and adults, hung on every word as they found similarities in their own world. Tony is open and frank about his experience with addiction and his road to recovery. Every person should hear Tony speak. His words will change lives.
— Janie Parks- Gentry County, Arkansas- Chamber of Commerce

One of the few states I have not been to up until last week is, Arkansas. I literally knew nothing about the state but was very excited to be doing a small tour through different parts of the state. It started with Arkansas Tech University and then over to Gentry county to present to Gentry High School students and then later that evening I was set to give a substance abuse presentation to the community. 

During my time there I got to eat at a spot called the Wooden Spoon and I gotta tell you, the food was amazing. I had friend catfish and then a berry medley type of pie for dessert. It was so good! I found out a tab bit late but Gentry county has one of the best drive through safari parks in the country. I would have booked an extra day in the county if I knew that ahead of time, safari is my JAM! 

The morning presentation went so good! It was the middle school students from Gentry, Gentry High Students and Decatur High. All of the students were extremely respectful and so many of them followed me on instagram and sent in their questions. I'm still answering questions from Instagram, there was well over 100 questions from students after. 

I really want to say thank you to Gentry County and their hospitality while I was in Arkansas. I'm so grateful for the opportunity you have given me, I hope to be back in the area sometime in the future! Next stop New York later this week.