Tony responded to an immediate on line request from his website from a community group of 20 Dads in Mooresville, NC who wanted to have Tony share his profound life story and important message as a Father’s Day gift to our sons with the intent of showing them how much we want to continue to love, support and guide them as they progress in their teenage and young adult years and to help them understand first hand from Tony’s life story how “One choice can change the rest of your life”.

Tony’s courage to share his life story along with his dynamic ability to convey his message, coupled with his passion and caring demeanor, captivated not only our sons but all of us who were present that evening. Teenagers and young adults lives today are constantly faced with so many choices coming at them and consequences that could affect the rest of their lives. Every teen ager and young adult should hear Tony speak about his journey thru experimenting with marijuana and other illegal drugs, his drug addiction, but most importantly about how the Lord saved him the day before he was sent to prison at the age of 23 and shifted his entire thinking of life to his life meaning and purpose and the opportunity to inspire people to remind them that it’s not their struggles that define them , but the choices that they make do.

We want to thank Tony for his immediate reply to our request and making his busy schedule fit with our Father’s Day event to present a PRICELESS gift and message for our sons. Tony’s caring heart and social media information is truly available to those who are suffering and yes, he personally responds back as he did with us. Keep up the GOD work Tony, and may GOD continue to bless you and your message to other Dad’s, parents, and local communities like ours.
— -Mooresville, North Carolina, Dad’s

I have to say that in almost 9 years of speaking, this event was an absolute first and something that will never be forgotten. Several months ago I received an email from a group of dad's in the Charlotte area. They were looking to gift there son's with a presentation from me for Fathers Day. I thought this was extremely unique because it was a group of dad's and son's only. Also, it was unique in that the more I spoke with these dad's the more I realized how lucky their son's are. These dad's genuinely wanted their son's to know that their mid teens and years into the 20's would present them with a vast amount of choices. In those choices they needed to be wise because, "One choice could change the rest of their lives."

The event was planned extremely well and held at a country club golf course in Mooresville. In total there was about 20-24 dad's that came with at least one son. The young men were attentive and extremely receptive to my message, I think the knew I wasn't preaching to them and that my story had very important messages they needed to hear. Everyone was so grateful after the event for my time I spent with them.

I left this event with a new friend, that's for sure. This happens in a lot of places that I visit and I am grateful for it. One of the dad's apart of the event, Steve, really went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and welcomed. He offered me a tour of Penske Motorsports and obviously I couldn't turn something like that down, I love NASCAR! The tour was freaking amazing, I can't believe all of the behind the scenes stuff that goes into a NASCAR team. You'll catch me track side at Indy 500 next year, that's for sure ;) 

To all of the dad's in Mooresville, I'm incredibly grateful to you all and happy to have built some friendships out of the event! I hope well all cross paths again soon.