Tony Hoffman is incredibly inspirational! He is a dynamic and engaging presenter. He captivates and connects with his audience by speaking from his heart, sharing his experiences, and shedding light into his journey of recovery. His ability to engage professionals and teenagers in his message is certain to have an impact on their lives. He is a kind person on and off the stage. Following Q&A he took pictures with teenagers who look up to him and professionals who learn from him. He genuinely cares about our youth and communities and strives to make it a better place. I am profoundly thankful for having him speak in our rural county of Arizona. We hope to have him back soon!
— Kimberly Chappelear, Mohave County Superior Court, Court Team Director

For some reason, when I first got the invite to speak in Arizona, I figured I would fly into Tucson or Phoenix but it turns out Kingman is no where near either of those larger cities in Arizona. In fact the nearest airport is Las Vegas. From Las Vegas there is a 2 hour drive through Henderson, past the hoover damn and into the middle of nowhere, literally, the middle of nowhere haha. During the drive I often asked myself, "What do the people do that are living in these parts", obviously Kingman wasn't like the parts leading up to it but honestly, what do people do out in the trailers in the middle of Arizona? Either way I was honored to be able to make such a trip possible. 

The trip to give a speech in Kingman gave me a reason to catch up with a friend Bryce Betts, who does all of my design work and is currently studying at UNLV. It was great to catch up with him the evening before, he also let me borrow his car to get to Kingman.

This event was really special because a lot of people drove several hours to be apart of this presentation. There was federal agents, parole officers, probation officers, social service workers and also a large handful of youth that were either in foster care or on probation, in attendance. It is really a great thing to me that I can give a message that inspires youth and educates adults all at the same time! It was so cool to have everyone so receptive to my message, it's not an easy task as a substance abuse speaker but I just try to speak from my heart! Thank you Mohave County for bringing me, I look forward to returning!