Tony was able to address this terrible epidemic with a heartfelt message and delivery. The stigmatism tied to addiction is paralyzing in this country and Tony has the gift of shining a light on the fact the recovery is real and our struggles are real. Tony’s presentation skills are second to none and he gives hope to so many of us who struggle with this terrible disease. God bless you Tony and please keep airing our voice and releasing the shackles of shame and guilt.
— Griffin Goetz- Laborers Union International of North America


Now this is one invitation that really sparked my interest. Mainly because it's at the corporate level and also in the manual labor arena of work (lots of addiction and substance abuse amongst these workers). This is also an arena I find myself speaking at more and more frequently as of lately. This conference was being held out in the Ozark's of Missouri, which is a first for me. It's a beautiful part of the country, lots of foothills and tons of green trees around. The Laborers Union held the conference at a giant resort hotel that was on a huge lake. I didn't get to experience the lake at any capacity because I literally had to speak and jump into the car and get back to the airport so I could fly to North Carolina for another event. 

As usual, the response was incredible! Afterward several people apart of the conference came to share how much my words impacted or inspired them. I really do look forward to more events like this in the future. Thank you so much to the Laborers Union for giving me an opportunity to speak to your employees!