The athletes, coaches, and parents of the Danville Oaks Rugby Football Club were fortunate to have Tony Hoffman with us on Friday, April 24, 2018. He was an excellent motivational speaker for our Club. Before Tony’s arrival, we were uncertain whether he would be able to effectively reach our players and educate them on the dangers of alcohol/drug use. We were apprehensive about the reaction Tony would get from players and parents. Our fears were unfounded. Tony captured the attention of the entire audience in the first five minutes of his presentation. Both players and parents felt connected to his story. Everyone could relate to the struggles he faced and the courage it took to fight back his addiction to drugs. He shared his “Micro Process” to help our audience establish better habits in their own life struggles. He made an impact on every person sitting in the room. Tony didn’t just speak and take off. He stayed for photos with the players and let them know he cared about them. He spoke to parents who wanted to get specific advice. By far, Tony Hoffman is one of the best speakers I have had the pleasure of meeting. We look forward to working with him in the future.
— Michael Walker- Danville Oaks Club, President

Sports programs are always one of my favorite locations to present my story too. It's definitely a market i'm doing a lot more of recently. I have a really big event coming up in the future that i'll be blogging about. This time it was a little unique in that the program was a rugby club, not a college or professional sports team. There was a specific purpose behind my trip to speak with the Danville Oaks, as I was briefed in pre-event phone calls. One of the nice things about this event, it was about 3 hours from home which meant I could drive over to present. 

It's this type of speech that is the reason I try to tell people, it's not a drug talk. There is so many character and life lessons built into my life story that the focal points are spread out across many different subjects. My life took a turn for the worse due to drugs, yes. I am considered a substance abuse speaker, yes. However, I also consider myself a motivational speaker in that my story doesn't have to focus on "drugs". Tonights focus was an emphasis on weed and where it can lead folks like these young student athletes. All of the parents and athletes were extremely engaged, it made me grateful to be apart of their program for the night. I would like to thank the entire Danville Oaks Club for bringing me in to present, I had an amazing time. THANK YOU!