I would travel the country to see you speak again. I attend conferences (a lot) and have never been so moved and impacted by a keynote speaker. As a public defender I don’t always get to hear the depths of people’s journeys - thank you so much for your courage and willingness to share. Your talk alone made the conference worth it. I will be sharing the webcast with my judges, prosecutors, and community partners as soon as I get back!
— Amanda Riek- Wisconsin State- Public Defender

When a government of any kind gives you a call and has interest in your speaking engagements, there is a certain sense of satisfaction that you get. When I first started my public speaking back in 2010, speaking to governments wasn't even on my radar. It literally was about sharing my story to whoever and whenever. It wasn't until I really started to recognize my gift that I stared imagining the type of audiences that I could impact. Governments hasn't been the easiest market for me to get into, it's really been about patience and trust. Time has done it's work and more and more governments are opening up and finding out that my message is incredibly impactful and informative. I got my shot again to prove myself with the state of Wisconsin at this years Opioid Forum, I was day 1's keynote speech to kick off the conference. 

Breaking the stigma of addicts and those who are in active addiction is always my goal for this type of audience. It's important for me to impart my thinking, my parents thinking and the challenges I have faced as I became a person in recovery. My talks are never a lecture, it's a life story with detailed messaging built in and it's honestly worked so well with every type of audience. Today was definitely something special, there was so many people in attendance and so many people who were PASSIONATE about stopping the beast we call the "opioid epidemic." My speech concluded with a standing ovation and honestly, i'm so grateful. This small town kid from the middle of California never dreamt I would be making this type of impact, I just knew I wanted to. Thank you to the Department of Health Services for hosting me at this years Opioid Forum.