Tony Hoffman delivers one of the most important talks that people of this generation could hear. The younger generation often doesn’t think about the consequences of actions or that walking through a door in life can lead to actions that the individual never dreamt of. Tony’s message never comes across as preachy or condescending; quite the opposite actually, it comes from absolute humility and dedication to his core message: people who’ve gotten to a nasty point in their life didn’t ask to be there… the stigma against them must be broken. Overall, if your organization is looking for a speaker that not only will deliver a powerful message, but also packs a commanding motivational tone that will inspire people to get back on their feet if they’ve fallen down, then Tony Hoffman needs to be your go-to speaker.
— Brendon P. Creighton University 2020

I gotta admit that I've really enjoyed speaking to the greek life students as of lately. Not that I don't enjoy every time I speak but honestly, one might stereo type this audience as a group that would have zero interest in a substance abuse speaker that touches on things like partying and the county's current "Opioid Epidemic" we are facing. However that is just not the case and time and time and time again it's being proven to me by the students who show up to hear me speak and have an overwhelmingly positive response to my message. 

This time around the presentation would be for Creighton University. The students were all extremely respectful and grateful for my time with them. They had a good run of questions for the panel discussion that was held after the presentation as well. I want to say thank you to all the students who attended my presentation and thank you to the University of Creighton for hosting me! Till next time!