Our society, our country, our communities all thirst for role models today, role models with character, conviction and purpose. Reading the paper, watching television, going on-line simply fills our lives with controversy, fear and chaos. We are often rudderless, void of proper leadership, but today was different. Today we got a dose of harsh reality, a clear link between choices and consequences, brutal honesty, but in the end we got a path to hope and a challenge for our students to change the world. Your story is amazing, your words truthful and your message impactful, not just to students, but adults alike.

I am certain you saved a life today, maybe many. Even for those not troubled, I am sure you provided a way of thinking that may open doors, not to drugs, but to opportunity with your lessons on discipline. Your presentation was mesmerizing, only surpassed by your insightful and meaningful answers to the questions posed by the students afterwards. Thank you for taking time to visit Port Clinton and setting an example for others to emulate. God Bless you for who you have become, what you represent and what you do!
— David Belden President, Board of Education Port Clinton City Schools

The time has finally come! I traveled back to Port Clinton, Ohio for the second time! This time to present to the middle school students. I gotta tell you, I love everyone apart of the Kiwanis Club, Sheriffs Dept, Police Dept, Courts etc. Everyone who helps call this county a community is just absolutely amazing. They are dedicated, caring and progressive in their implementation of ideas to improve their results, especially concerning the opioid epidemic.

For this trip I would be presenting to three different middle schools. Unfortunately, again, there was two schools that felt my presentation was not necessary for their students. It really is sad when school officials feel strongly that their students do not need to hear a message like mine. I've always wondered what happened in their life that they took on this type of thinking or resentment towards work like mine to help younger generations. Oh well, "You can't win them all", I suppose. 

Oak Harbor Middle School was up first, I loved speaking with the high school students here last year so getting to speak with the middle school students as well was going to be awesome. The first thing I noticed with this group of students is that they were not as accelerated as some middle school groups. This meant that I could have more of a conversation talk with them opposed to my very intense cadence I use in a normal presentation. I thought the kids were absolutely amazing!! We literally did Q&A for at least 30 minutes and the kids were asking so many questions about mental health. I love when kids are connecting to that part of my presentation because that is one of the staple messages of my presentation. 

After my presentation I went with a good buddy Nate over to the Toledo area to check out the treatment center he is apart of. He's got a great thing going over there. Their center has detox, residential, php and IOP levels of care. It's not all the time that a center has all of the levels of care to provide to those who are in treatment. This approach is best because one provider is caring for the client the entire process. Nate is making a huge impact out there in Northern Ohio when it comes to getting people into recovery.

The following day was for my presentation to Danbury Middle School and Port Clinton Middle School, they were combined into one presentation. This was a much larger and intense presentation. The students were equally as respectful and in tune as the students from Oak Harbor. They asked tons of questions and the staff let them continue to ask questions for probably longer than the normal presentation time, which I totally appreciate because I love being with the students and trying to give them insight. 

I really want to give a big big big thank you to everyone at the Kiwanis Club that raised the dollars to bring me to Port Clinton again, I love you all and you all forever have a spot in my heart. We made a big impact again, thank you for the support!