The students were riveted by Tony’s speech and many of the students parents told me their kids felt Tony was the best speaker they have ever heard
— Molly Hendrick- Chair, PTA B*well Committee
I am SO glad I left another meeting to listen to Tony. I honestly wanted to take him home with me. I am glad I sat alone because I had tears streaming down my face.
— Bronxville High School Parent

Ever since my trip to Westchester County New York for the #ProjectWorthy event, New York has been a spot of frequent visiting for my speaking. As much as I like New York, i'm still bummed I have yet to make it to the city to look around! One of these times though I definitely need to carve out time to make that happen. This most recent visit was to the small town of Bronxville! 

Bronxville High, as it was explained to me, is one of the nicer public schools in the system but is only fed by a small area. This makes it a desirable school for parents to send their kids who don't get sent to private school. I really enjoyed the landscape of the campus, it had some history for sure. Two of the students heard me speak at #ProjectWorthy and recommended that I come and speak to their campus!

I was scheduled to speak to the parents and the students. Both presentations went extremely well, the parents were very in tune and had lots of questions to ask at the end of my speaking. The students were so well behaved, like literally, so well behaved. Bravo to the staff of Bronxville, it speaks volumes about their work they are doing with the kids! I love New York and hope to be back soon, it's been exceptionally good to me! Thanks Molly at B*well for making my trip possible!