Tony’s presentation to our new members highlighted the social dangers young students face in their college career. The combination of a passionately told story with relatable and emphatic language made for an extremely well received message. Our community has requested Tony’s services twice this year, and we look forward to more experiences in the future.
— Alex Franks- SDSU student and greek community leader

This would be the second time that I presented to San Diego State, naturally I was happy to be back. Alex Franks, A friend of mine heads up a lot for the Greek community at San Diego State. I really admire his character and his care for his classmates, their well-being and their future.

This has actually been one of my favorite substance abuse speeches this year. I feel like the emotions were raw, the speech was raw and the feedback was fantastic. Speaking to 200 fraternity men can be a little nerve-wracking when it comes to whether or not they're going to pay attention, or take you serious for that matter. They took me serious and I'm extremely grateful for that.

Cool part about this presentation was Sam Willoughby, Alise Post and Anthony Dean, who are very successful BMX Racers were able to attend my speech. Sam is in the beginning stages of a speaking career and it was great for him to be able to watch me speak and see how I do things.

Alex Franks, SDSU I think you guys for giving me yet another opportunity!