Tony Hoffman is amazing!!! He is genuine, hones and inspiring in sharing his story of addiction and recovery. He is such a dynamic speaker that our students and community members hung on his every word. You could have heard a pin drop during his presentation.
— Caterine Widder- LCSW Alamo Heights ISD Wellness Coordinator

The last time I went to San Antonio was several years ago, I spoke just outside of San Antonio to a Independent School District. Which if you have been to Texas you know the independent school districts are pretty common because I can't say that I know of Independent School District's existing at such a level as they do in Texas in other parts of the country, I'm sure they do it just doesn't seem as common.

This time in San Antonio, I would be speaking to Alamo Heights High School which was put together by one of their on-site clinicians who work with students in multiple areas of Mental Health and substance abuse. She worked hard to bring me to the students and I'm so glad that everything went so well, sometimes I think people put themselves on the line trusting that I'm going to come in and deliver what they told their superiors the school needed for their students. So when the students are impacted as they were and actually paying attention enjoying what was brought to their campus, I think there has to be a large form of relief for those who took that chance.

The school presentation went absolutely amazing, however the auditorium only seated freshmen and sophomores. The students were so energized after and I love hearing how glad people were that it's not just a don't do drugs talk and that I'm not your typical substance abuse speaker.

The evening presentation went equally as well as always a much slower delivery with slightly different stories and a slightly different messaging. It was great for for Alamo Heights to be partnered with a local Treatment Center that specializes in teen substance use issues, there really isn't many resources out there for teens who are struggling with substance abuse. I was grateful for the opportunity to be back in San Antonio and I look forward to returning sometime soon. Thank you to Alamo Heights for your dedication to the students and giving me an opportunity to share my story with them