Tony is able to bring a realism to the issues of drug and alcohol addiction. He has lived the American dream and the American tragedy. His message resonated with our students. Tony hit so many of the exact same points we try to get across to our students. He was an excellent speaker who brought a message of hope to students that may be dealing with their own issues each and every day. He encouraged them to get help and fight anxiety, depression, and addiction.

You’ve got a powerful story and I hope you keep doing what you are doing.
— Rich Cory Principal Westview Jr-Sr High School

Starting out my long day of speaking while in LaGrange County, Indiana was with West View High School. All 3 of the high schools I went to during this visit were awesome campuses and the auditoriums were beautiful. I enjoy presenting in areas like this because the students just have a more “simple” life upbringing. It’s not good nor bad if you are growing up in a bigger city town but you can just tell there is a clear difference between the students.

I really put an emphasis on vaping and bullying for the presentations this day. It’s not a part of my story I get to talk about much because there honestly is barely time to tell my story in the 1 hour time I get. The kids were extremely respectful during my time and like Prairie Heights my inbox was filled on instagram from their students.

Thank you West View!