Tony-I would like to thank you for sharing your story with our students today. Your presentation was engaging, thought provoking and your brutal honesty about your life choices kept our students wanting to know more. I am sure you could tell by the number of questions asked that our student body really heard your message and I hope they take it to heart. I would also like to thank you for the extended time you spent after the convocation talking to our students individually and posing for pictures as well. Thank you again for coming to Prairie Heights High School and I wish you well on all your future endeavors.
— Damon Witherspoon Assistant Principal Prairie Heights High School

The last thing I want to experience while out on the road is get the flu. Well it happened the day I was scheduled to give four presentations in one day while in LaGrange County, Indiana. I’ve never been to LaGrange and was quite shocked while I got close to town. It turns out that this part of Indiana houses a very large population of Amish people. Being from California i’ve not encountered Amish. It was definitely a new thing to me and I thoroughly enjoyed learning a little bit about their culture.

Being sick and in the middle of one of the heaviest traveling schedules i’ve endured in my speaking career, definitely made my time in Indiana tough. I try not to tell anyone that i’m sick, I don’t like to make excuses but speaking when you’re running a fever is painful, that’s for sure. Thankfully it wasn’t cold there because it definitely would have made it much rougher.

All 4 presentations went exceptionally well during the day but Prairie High School went really really well. The kids were so engaged and had so many questions, I really need to tip my hat to admins who let the kids just keep rolling with questions. Some are so strict and want the kids back in the class “right when presentation time has hit.” It literally took me 3 weeks to get back to all the students from that day who sent me messages. A large majority of them were from Prairie Heights. Thanks to everyone at PHHS!