We brought Tony back to Wyoming since he had such a great impact here in April. Tony spoke at the Boys and Girls Club with kids ranging from kindergarten through 6th grade. He kept those kids involved and interested! It was amazing to watch. His message of having a good attitude, making good choices, respecting others and staying drug free was very impactful. He had to change gears quickly as we took him to our community college to speak to students, athletes and parents. Again, he kept everyone interested and had a clear and relevant message. He is very open and honest. Tony stayed to answer questions and visit one on one after each presentation.
— Sandra Deaver, Wyoming Rx Abuse Stakeholders

I spent some time in Casper Wyoming earlier this year during the spring time to speak for the "Meth & RX" conference that is held annually. My time spent there had opened some doors for other parts of Wyoming to share interest in my substance abuse speaking. This time I flew into Laramie, Wyoming. A very small city or maybe all of Wyoming is small compared to California or some of the other heavily populated states that i'm visiting. Laramie is known for the the University of Wyoming and that is where the bulk of the city's population rest. 

I gotta say the best part about these trips besides getting to share my story is meeting those individuals who are involved in making a difference in the communities I visit. I love getting to hear stories or understand the work they are doing. It gives me a better sense of why i'm there and just how invested the leaders are. R.A.S. was such a great group of women doing their part in Wyoming. Most of them were able to make it to all 3 of my speaking engagements. 

My first presentation was a community presentation and it was a mixed bag of attendees. I was happy to see one of the middle school coaches brought his basketball team to be apart of it. The kids really enjoyed my message! My second message was to the Boys and Girls Club of Cheyenne. This one was a bit of a curve ball! I was supposed to be talking to 12-18yr olds but it turned out to be like 4-11 year olds haha. Honestly though I had a great time with those kids and I had to put my Freewheel Project hat on to make that talk work. I've worked with so many young kids I know what to do to keep them entertained and interested. Last presentation was another community event held in Cheyenne. It was a great turnout for the evening and it was great to see the junior mens hockey team present for my talk. Lots of the athletes stayed after to discuss certain things with me and I'm always available after my speeches to speak with anyone who wants to chat! Thanks to R.A.S for bringing me into Wyoming again! I love getting to spend time there, i'm forever grateful!