Last weekend I was apart of a recovery walk located in Detroit, Michigan. This was my first time speaking in the Detroit area and it was such a blessing to be apart of an event that attracted so many affected by addiction. The entire event hosted over 2,000 people, no joke, this walk was huge and the participation level was energizing. NCADD has to put a lot of leg work in to make this walk happen and the founders of this walk started it 17 years ago, yes.. 17 years ago! If that is not passion, i'm not sure what is. 

The event was a gathering of local community members in recovery but also NCADD worked hard to facilitate buses for local treatment centers to bring all of their clients to the event. With live music, food and substance abuse speakers on addiction, recovery and hope, the event was a huge success. I'm so grateful to NCADD for inviting me to come out and share my life story and how addiction was not the end!