What an absolute honor to be apart of this event! My agents and I have really been working hard to make more of these events happen. Often times people will look at my age and think that I am not able to reach a professional audience, they see me as a youth only speaker. This is just so far from the truth. My ability to tell my story captivates audiences young and old. I am able to craft my story to pretty much any audience type, I just need to know what the client wants the audience take-away to be from my speech. Not to mention I love getting dressed up in a suit and tie! 

The event coordinators were on top of things and put on a first class event! I really enjoyed getting to share my story to all that were in attendance. The Q&A session is always my favorite and this type of event can really spark some interesting dialog. 

After my speech with the conference I was taking over to one of the local high schools to give a speech to about 150 high school students. The campus I spoke at was literally one of the coolest campuses i've seen! The kids had a ton of tech stuff to tinker with there, I was definitely jealous!