It's always a blessing to get called to work in Maryland. It's a state riddled with opiate abuse and in need of speakers to bring a message that inspires it's audience. The Talbot County Department of Social Services brought me in as a keynote speaker for a drug education day they were holding. This event was open to the public and had folks from within the community as well as treatment centers, doctors and educators on site. 


The group of women who were involved in bringing me to Talbot County were passionate about their work and it was evident upon meeting them. Speaking to an more mature audience is always a different projection of my stories, it's not that there is no energy but we are just talking about a different style of delivery that is necessary. My message was well received and one thing really stuck with me about that day.. A woman in the audience said that schools need to educate and work with kids who grow up with parents that are addicts, because that was her situation and she knows how hard it was for her. I looked at this woman and said, I felt like kids could learn a lot about life through action sports and it could keep them out of trouble, so guess what?? I started it." I said, "Maybe you're supposed to be the one that starts this program for those kids, who better than someone who's been through it themselves." I hope she was inspired that day! 

To top off a wonderful event, I met a young man by the name of Kyle. Literally a living miracle. This young man overdosed and was in a coma. He survived and has lived to tell his story but not without some harsh consequences. He struggles with balance and walking but that fact that he was alive was amazing. He's continued to stay sober and i'm extremely proud of him.