I say this often and I'll say it again, for some reason California does not invest in speakers or the West Coast for that matter. The majority of my time speaking is spent on the east coast and in the Midwest. They seem to be so dedicated to their communities and to their students, so getting the invite to Ceres High School in Modesto California was pretty exciting. It was also exciting because Modesto is only two hours from my hometown so it was a quick drive to get there.


The order of the day was two different presentations for two different sets of students. Both groups of students held their attention very well and sometimes this can be a challenge and urban Public Schools. The staff were amazing and supportive of my work and you could tell we're invested in the kids lives through some of the dialogue I had before and after my speaking.


I had a film crew with me for this presentation as I've been working on rebranding my website and posting up new content the kids didn't seem too bothered by all the equipment and people that were helping me accomplish this. All in all it was great to be at Ceres High School a place so close to home end in California