More and more corporations are seeing the value is addressing substance use in the work place. I can't think of a better way of doing this than bringing me in to tell my story. It's not about stats, it's not a don't do drugs speech. It's a captivating story of how substance abuse affected a real life person. NEUCO invited me out to their company conference in Massachusetts and I was very excited that they did! Often times I believe people think I am a youth speaker only but that could not be any further from the truth. 

I presented my life story with the message substance use affects more than just you, especially in a team environment as NEUCO employees are working in. I truly believe one of my greatest gifts as a speaker is my ability to blend any message into my life experiences to send home the resonating message my client desires! There was 400 employees in the crowd for this presentation and they were equally as engaged as my youth presentation goes! NEUCO staff were extremely pleased with my presentation. I had quite a few messages on social media afterwards, even though the crowd was a much more mature audience! Thanks NEUCO for the great opportunity!