It was great to be back in the beautiful state of Maine although I must admit it was a LOT colder than the last time I came out here. Previously I had done some work within a community but this time it was for the high school about 45 minutes from Biddeford where I spoke last year.  Much like my presentation earlier in the week with Dixie High School, a lot of students on this campus would be considered at risk and families/students were said to have had some issues with substance use. 

I gave two presentations at this campus and in between I got to go to lunch with some of the students that the school selected. I absolutely enjoy doing this kind of stuff because it gives me such an opportunity to get to know those that i'm speaking to or understand the community that i'm in. I'm grateful that they invited me, I LOVED the engagement from the students! 

Both presentations were absolutely awesome and the students were very well behaved as they are in most areas that I travel too. I love being in Maine and hope to come back some time soon!