Day 2 in North Carolina was spent in part with Providence Day School. This campus was very similar to Community Day. It's a private school that parents put their kids in for a different level of education when compared to public schools. As a substance abuse speaker these types of campuses can really vary in how accelerated the kids are in their experimenting with the "Other side." This is something I really pride myself on being able to detect by feeling energy and seeing the faces of these kids. I can tell where the kids are at in their level of experimentation and really gear the energy and stories of my life based on what I feel and what i'm detecting from the kids. 

Much like Community Day, you could tell these were a good group of kids that would not require me to go to heavy into the dangers. This does not mean that I don't speak on the dangers of drug abuse/use but I mean it just doesn't take as much for the students to get the "message"