Nebraska, Nebraska, Nebraska... A state i've never been to before! This was an exciting trip for me because i've never been. I honestly did not know what to expect at all! The only thing I knew was I would be driving almost 3hrs outside of Omaha for this presentation to a small town of Neligh, population of 1600 people. I flew into Omaha Nebraska on Sunday before the event and stayed across the street from Creighton University's amazing baseball stadium that is home of the college World Series. 

On my drive to Neligh Monday morning I learned about one of the World of Outlaw sprint car driver's sponsors.. If you know me, then you know how much of a sprint car fan I am. Casey's General Stores are found in Nebraska apparently. When I saw the sign I immediately made a connection to Brian Brown's sprint car. 

Funny story, the chief of Police was going to pull me over when I actually pulled into Neligh High School's public access road. haha. I guess i was going, "a little fast." which by the way was 40mph. The speed limits through that state were quite interesting and it appeared that no one was in a hurry of any kind! 

The students were absolutely amazing during my presentation and had a TON of questions which I really appreciated! This presentation was so special because afterward the kids wanted me to play basketball against their schools' best player. I swear I hit like 6 three pointers during this game of P.I.G and this kid had an answer every time. Needlesss to say I lost but had one heck of a time with the kids at Neligh!