Dixie High School and Middle school were apart of this presentation in New Lebanon. I was brought out to Montgomery County but an amazing husband and wife who started Valley View Drug Coalition. This coalition was started as a result of a tragic loss that is becoming so common in states like Ohio. The founders son died from a drug overdose 14 months ago. To hear this story broke my heart but at the same time the tragedy brought about such an amazing cause that was going to save so many lives along the way. If we really want to see a difference made in the heroin epidemic then those who are directly affected by addiction MUST take a stand and create or become apart of groups like VVDC. 

This presentation was such a good experience! 60% of the campus is under free or reduced lunch and it was stated that many kids have families that are currently suffering from addiction problems. The kids were able to relate to my story so well because of their direct connections to addiction. The out-pour of positive comments, messages & emails was wonderful. I'm so glad the students connected so well!