One of the toughest things for me as a young speaker in the arena i'm speaking inc without a doubt is my age. Being 33yrs old as a substance abuse speaker, even with nearly 10 years of sobriety, has it's strengths when it comes to speaking and it undoubtedly has it's drawbacks. I mention this because the Menard Group is a corporation and I have found it hard to land clients in the corporate field. It's not just corporations that i've had some issues finding trust with but also clients that are more matured in age. I don't really take offense to this I just know that some people look at my age and see me as a risk and will more times than not lay-up and take the safe bet speaker. However, when a group like Menard is confident in me as they should be they end up being extremely pleased with my performance. There really is not an audience that my presentation cannot connect with. I am able to altar my message to whatever the client needs and present in a way that everyone can relate.

Some things that really stuck out to me with the Menard group is the phone call we had before the actual event. They explained to me that they wanted their employees who were struggling with substance abuse to check into treatment and get help, they did not want to fire them. How insane is that? I mean that in an absolute amazing way. I really tip my hat to the people in charge of Menard because they truly care about their employees to make a statement like that. They asked that my message to the employees during their company conference be "Get help if you need it"

I curved my message to meet the needs of the Menard Group and the response was phenomenal! I was so grateful to be apart of this event and I look forward to being able to work with more businesses in the future. I know as I get older these types of events will become more common as the clients find the ability to trust my ability a little easier haha.