Country Day Schools are private schools found in the Charolette area of North Carolina. I seem to take a trip to the state of NC at least once or twice a year, I really enjoy it there! This group of presentations included one to the high school students and one to the middle school students. The middle school message was toned down quite a bit and this is something I don't mind doing for the right group of kids in middle school. 

I met with the main clients who helped bring me to Country Day and they were both amazing. I really enjoyed speaking with them at dinner and getting to know them and their passion for helping the kids.  They've brought a great lineup of speakers in over the years so to get drafted on to that list is an honor in itself. 

Country Day's upper school was so awesome to see. Their classrooms were like 15 people max! I don't think we ever had less than 30 in Clovis Schools in California where I went. I think this is so important for a focused learning environment. My presentation was extremely well received with the high school group of kids and during the Q and A portion you could really tell that this group of students were extremely intelligent. Their level of questions might have been higher than i've ever experienced. Q and A is my absolute favorite portion of presenting because I get to interact with the students more indepth and it gives them a chance to get a better feel for me as a person also. 

The middle school presentation was equally as well received amongst students! There was so many comments flooding my instagram, which is always a great confirmation of my impact. I am hoping that my performances to these two groups of students leads to some more time in the North Carolina communities!