While Tony spoke, the students were completely engaged, In a full gymnasium, you could hear a pin drop! The children were completely mesmerized by Tony’s energy, enthusiasm and honesty. It was clear that Tony is passionate about what he does and he has an incredibly unique way of making everyone in the audience feel as though he is speaking just to them. I would highly recommend Tony to any middle or high school looking to share this message with their students.

Tony spent time after the presentation speaking with students and taking photos with them. To see the impact his words had on the students, you just have to look at his instagram where dozens of Rye Neck students have written him notes of appreciation.
— Meegan Lawlor, School Counselor, Rye Neck Middle School

To finish out my speaking tour I really wanted to end with a bang! My last stop on the tour sharing my story that is directly related to the opioid epidemic the united states is facing, I was heading to a small city in New York, Mamaroneck. This was kind of a last minute scheduling and I'm grateful that we got to do it because it was well worth it.

There was a group of students who heard me speak at Project Worthy back in September and they liked my presentation so much they went back to their school administrators and told them they 'needed' to bring me to Rye Neck for the whole school to hear! I'm so grateful for those students pushing to bring me in and i'm even more grateful to Rye Neck Schools for making it possible.

The presentation went so well, the kids were locked in the entire time. So many shared their thoughts with me after the speech about how I was a motivational speaker they've never seen before in my style of delivery. I loved hearing that and getting to take pics with so many students directly after. The social media attention after was incredible, i'm still trying to get back to all the messages I received in my inbox. I say it all the time, I'm not just a substance abuse speaker, it's so much more than that.