We sincerely enjoyed Tony Hoffman’s time here in Salmon, ID. When he spoke at our assembly, he didn’t preach; instead, he enamored the students with his story, and they are still talking about it today! We are grateful for the significant impact Tony had on our school and community!
— Amber Pace- Salmon High School

Every now and again i'll get invited to a little diamond of a city. I got the call on kind of last minute notice about a possibility to speak in a little place called Salmon, Idaho. Prior to this event I had never been to Idaho, so I was quite curious what it would be like. I packed my bags and I headed up to a very very small city! I flew into Missoula, Montana and drove a rental car 3 hours to get to Salmon. I gotta admit, I was a little sketched out because I landed at 11pm and drove 3 hours through the snow and mountains to get there. 

It was worth every bit of it though and not for just the motivational speaking or my talk with the local drug prevention coalition at the town-hall meeting either. That sketchy drive through the evening was a lot of fun because there is some really awesome wildlife to be seen in Montana and Idaho.  I got to see some of the biggest deer i've ever seen and the elk when you got into Idaho were like dinosaurs. I was pretty fascinated with the "Big Game Crossing" signs on the highway, we don't see 'that' in California! I wish I could of gotten some pictures of the elk, I had hoped to spot one on my way home in the daylight but after nearly dying in a head on collision, I decided I better keep my eyes on the road, haha. 

My hotel for the event was a giant BNB "cabin" and it was such a blessing to be in. I felt like i was on vacation, not at work. My first speaking arrangement would be with Salmon High School, the following morning. It was a small school with a great group of students who were extremely respectful and attentive to my story. They had a group of students who participated in a prevention initiative called the mannequin challenge. I've attached a link to the video, it's actually very good in it's content. I applaud the kids for using such a video to make an impact! After my speech I got to judge some door art the kids made for red ribbon week and then hit the hotel before my nights speaking event. 

The night event was special, the community and it's leaders put on a town-hall meeting to address some of the issues they have in the community, things being done to fix problem areas, and answer questions the locals may have concerning what was being stated. For that evening I got to speak on my personal story but also my experiences with other drug related information and struggles the country is having. I love getting to sit down with leaders, talk about my story, share ideas and hear what other communities are doing to combat the issues they are having. It really helps me grow in learning new ways to reduce drug and alcohol abuse. That evening concluded my work in Salmon, the following morning I headed back to good ole California! Thank you to Sharon and Amber, you ladies were angels! 

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