Thank you for coming and actually talking to us, not lecturing us. I can honestly say I rarely listen to speakers but I did to you and I listened word for word!
— West York Area High School, Student

Nothing beats being able to do a mini tour as opposed to flying back and forth across the country in a couple weeks time. Since I was in the Milford area for the Hope 4 Pike events, it was awesome to link up with West York Area High School the following day to give a presentation to the 800 students on their campus. My schedule was a bit tight for this one so It was an in and out presentation, not my favorite way to do things but sometimes that's just the way it goes. 

The campus at West York was beautiful, the kids really are getting to attend such a nice looking campus. I went to an old school so i'm always impressed by newer campuses that seem to have really nice stuff! The kids packed the auditorium and they were extremely respectful the entire time I was presenting, which is always nice when it happens that way. Usually I'll call someone out just to help with the shock factor and get everyone super focused but that wasn't necessary with these kids at all! Good job staff, that's a direct reflection of your job with these students, I appreciate your work with them. Lots of good questions that came from an emotional stand point and that seems to be the normal thing now. I am bringing up a lot more of my emotional pain being a young man and that seems to be connecting with so many more students than normal! I've really gotta come up with a solution now to the outcry of messages that come after my presentations. It's getting hard to get to them all in a quick manner. My work in the great state of Pennsylvania was done after York and it's time to go back to California for BMX coach mode as Brooke Crain tries to win the USABMX women's pro tittle next weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Thank you WYAHS!