Kingsley Area Schools had the pleasure of having Tony Hoffman address our student-
athletes on the power of their choices. Tony’s straightforward message about his life
and the consequences of his choices really resonated with our athletes. We had nothing
but positive feedback from our kids and I would highly recommend Tony to any school
who wants to positively impact their student population.”
— Mitch Miggenburg, Athletic Director Kingley Area Schools, Kingsley MI

Talk about stars lining up, Kingsley High School managed to get them to fall perfectly into place. Getting me to give a speech during Red Ribbon Week is certainly not easy. Now-a-days, clients need to book about 6 months in advance if they want a shot at me landing on their site during Red Ribbon. My week was completely booked out and so many people tried to get a shot at it last minute but were bummed to find out the news I was already booked. Well, turns out Kingsley was not far from Kalamazoo while I was going to be there. After my speech I gave the morning of Western Michigan's presentation, I drove out to Kingsley High School. 

This presentation was brought to the athletes of Kingsley and boy were there a lot of them for being such a small campus. The director who asked me to be the speaker for the athletes really wanted me to hammer down on choices for these students. I was informed about some poor choices some of the athletes were making with their free time and I really made sure I focused on the choices portion. My agents and I really try to tell clients that my talk is not just a substance abuse or drug talk, it's so much more. It really does go deeper into choice making, emotional issues I struggled with as a young man, the process I used to become successful and of course my struggles with substance use. For this reason I do not like to label myself a substance abuse speaker but as a motivational speaker. 

The students were extremely respectful and spent some time asking questions and taking pictures after my speech! The response on social media was also great! Thank you Mitch and Kingsley High School!