Tony connects with kids in a way that draws them into his story. He breaks it down and makes it simple for people to understand that it’s all about your mindset and doing all the little things right. Kids listen because Tony is real and authentic and he doesn’t sugar coat the choices he’s made. When Tony speaks, kids are hanging on every word
— Randy Stumpfhauser- Selma High School Teacher- Success 101

It's been a busy month for me already and the train will not be stoping any time soon. Of course, I love getting to travel for speaking. A lot of times when i'm in a lyft/uber riding to the airport the drivers will ask me what brings me to the city, my reply, "Public speaking." Every time I give them this answer they will always say, "Ohhhhh! You're a motivational speaker, what's your topic?" I think when I tell them i'm a substance abuse speaker that speaks about my life story and the current opiate epidemic the Unite States is facing, it throws them off a little. The stigma behind addiction is really the culprit for that. People are unsure how to react when you tell them something raw and real as that. 

Selma High School is a thirty minute drive from my house so there wouldn't be any uber/lyft conversations this day. Just a simple drive in my hometown to speak for a school close to my backyard. Selma is kind of a rural community outside of Fresno County but still very close that I would consider it Fresno. I had the pleasure of speaking to the students at selma back in 2013, which meant this years audience was all new faces that have not gotten to hear my story. I gave two presentations this morning and both went really well! The kids responded well and I had a great turnout on social media after my speech, which is one of my favorite things about speaking, all the interaction with the audience after my speech on social media. Thank you to everyone at Selma High School for bringing me back to speak again! It's been a pleasure to work with you over the years! Till next time!