When you get invited to give a presentation about your life story and you hear the entire lineup of speakers scheduled to present, like: Lawrence Taylor, Metta World Peace, Chris Herren, Randy Lanier, Keyon Dooling and Lillo Brancato, you immediately feel honored to be included amongst such a great group of names. 

This was the first of what would become many trips to the Boca Raton area to work with Epiphany Resources on various projects to help fight substance abuse addiction. I was able to make some very strong contacts during my time in Florida and all of the people who were apart of this presentation have embraced me with open arms. The audience was built mainly on people who were in recovery which I was happy to see.  This really allows me to present in a little different manner, since I know that the people listen can fully relate to my experiences.  I'm looking forward to flying back out to hear Lillo Brancato speak in August. The movie Bronx Tale was one of my favorite growing up as a young man!