Last time I was in Virginia was when I spoke at Hampden Sydney College.  I believe that was back in 2012 or 2013, my memory is so bad from all the concussions and drug use I swear haha. Virginia is an extremely beautiful state and it seemed that I came at the right time of the year to present to two different groups at Heritage High School. 

The weather was amazing during my short stay there, it wasn't as humid as it is likely to be in a couple of months. The campus at Heritage High School is beautiful and brand new. I believe they said it was build in 2005 and for a school that is pretty dang new! The staff seemed very involved and it makes me happy to know that campuses like this are putting substance abuse awareness at the front of students faces by bringing substance abuse speakers like myself in. 

Both presentations went the way I like them to go! The students were locked down and giving me their absolute complete focus for the 45 minutes they were in their seats. I absolutely love looking at into the crowd and seeing so many faces engaged with the words that i'm sharing. There is nothing really like it, it's one of the perks of being a motivational speaker. After my speech I got to hang out with the students during lunch and get some quick conversations before heading back to the airport and skipping over to Miami for a few days before heading to Boca Raton where I will be speaking to an open community event.