Several weeks ago I got an invite to speak to all of the athletes at ECU, which is a division 1 campus. I was super excited at the opportunity to speak to such a high caliber group of athletes. When I arrived I got a small tour of the sports stadiums and and basketball arena (where I spoke). The folks at ECU that helped bring me there were nothing short of amazing and super accommodating. They got me clearance to workout inside their gym, which was gigantic and first class. I've attached pictures of the gym below. 

It was very cool to see their sports stadiums, especially the football field. Fresno State's stadium is nothing in comparison. It's just like out of a movie honestly.. You can tell how rich some of the sports culture is at this campus and that makes it extra special.

My talk went incredibly well for the evening. All of the athletes were super attentive. I really tried to make sure they understood, me being there isn't about drugs. Yes, drugs is apart of my failures and ultimately what I'm getting called in there to speak for. However, it's the "choice" that opens up the doors and invites in the demons that ruins are lives and for them their athletic careers. I'm really praying that this job opens up the door for me to speak at many more division 1 campuses.