First time to the state of Georgia and first time to the city of Atlanta. I'm pretty sure I landed in the right location to visit for the first time too. Pace Academy is 'breath-taking'. What a beautiful campus! Like, seriously, beautiful! My time in Atlanta wasn't quite how I visioned it though because I had gotten some flu right as I was getting to Atlanta. I was previously in Oklahoma doing some coaching with my athletes at the final BMX race of the season in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

I gave a handful of presentations for this visit and my first was with the parents of students at Pace. My presentation went well and was also received well! My only issue was my dayquil wore off the last 20 minutes of the presentation and I felt absolutely awful. I was shivering from the chills I had that my fever was causing. I literally went back to the hotel immediately after and sat in a burning hot bath for probably an hour. That night I went to bed around 9pm and slept the entire time till the next morning. 

I felt much better the next day and and gave 3 presentations. 1 to the high school students, who were amazingly respectful and 1 to the coaching staff for their sports programs and the last was to the middle school students, who were also amazingly respectful! The staff at Pace were all very cordial and accommodating to me. They seemed extremely grateful that I was bringing my message to their students and that I was able to curve my message a little bit for the middle school students. I really hope that I get back to the area because it really did seem awesome. I would love to do some more presentations as well as poke around a little bit when i'm not sick and see the city/state. Thank you Pace for brinigng me in to tell my story!