I think the biggest indicator of how unique a location you are heading to is the airports and travel routes you have to take to get to a location. Sharyland High School was destined to be a memorable time. There is only a couple flights a day that go into McAllen, Texas. The McAllen airport has maybe 10 gates for planes to park. The actual location of Mission, Texas is actually just a few miles from the border of Mexico and United States.  

When I met Alfred, my contact, the following morning it also confirmed how appreciated my time was about to be. Not only that but also just how invested Alfred was in the lives of his community. Alfred was a counsellor for the alternative education campus located in the Sharyland ISD. Not only was he a counsellor but he holds his own private practice for one on one therapy with lives in the community. I got to learn about his passions for students and his drive to bring home a strong and resilient message with students that avoiding the dangers of drugs and substance use was extremely important. I know without a doubt I am the person that can complete that task and then some. 

Sharyland High School students were so good and even better with questions and answers. They had so many questions and the campus let me stay as long as the students were asking questions. I never find myself in a rush to leave a location when people are super engaged as these students were. The campus has tons of history and has been around for many years! I was given the tour and really got to enjoy my time with these students. I'm so grateful for them bringing me!