Pickford, Michigan. Talk about a small school in what I would consider the boondocks! I always say that these rural schools are my favorite. They are my favorite because there is just a different feel when there isn't an over abundance of students that the big city campuses bring. This allows the students and staff to get to know each other on a more personal level. The issues students are facing can be addressed individually, especially issues of substance abuse. 

Staff and students were all extremely respectful during my time with them! They even brought in their 6th grade students to hear my presentation. The students were very attentive and full of questions at the end of my presentation, even the 6th grade students had a handful of questions. I am always a fan of afterwards when students come up with personal stories or want to take pictures. If it's not at that point I get a full picture of my impact, it comes from students that follow me on social media and drop me messages or leave comments about how effective my speech was. Thank you again to Pickford students and staff!