This comes as a gigantic honor in my speaking career. I have toiled countless hours, laying brick after brick, and at times believing in my message more than anyone else. There is no question the last few years have really watched my speaking game elevate to new levels. Six short years ago, however, it was a different story. I fought to get into schools, worked so hard to get communities to take a chance on bringing me in to speak or trying to convince colleges that although I come from a BMX racing background, my message would resonate with their student athletes. 

I am going to quote the opening page of APB's Community Watch Catalog. 

"A dynamic speaker can motivate individuals, communities, and organizations to accomplish great things. For over 50 years, American Programs Bureau (APB) has been recruiting presenters who champion the missions and values of community organizations, from public schools to volunteer, health and social services agencies" 

"Community Watch is a directory of speakers that feature nationally recognized and widely respected authorities on education, parenting and social issues. APB takes great pride in the programs we support, bringing powerful messages that enlighten and engage individuals to continue the hard work of growing our communities." 

The line-up of speakers are filled largely with household names from the entertainment and political scenes. This is such a big reason that this means so much to me. My name is amongst some very heavy hitters. I'm still not where I see myself being in terms of my message and there is a lot of work ahead of me. Things like my book, national TV recognition and more, will help catapult my speaking in to a new dimension! Check out the link below that contains the catalog and see who I am being recognized amongst.