Brimley High School was apart of my UP Michigan visit that ended up being another fantastic round of speaking. I enjoyed my time spent at Brimley and there were a couple of things that made the campus unique. I liked that the principle attended the University of Michigan, this was the school I wanted to play basketball for when I was a young kid. It made me laugh because there were a few staff members that attended Michigan State and they enjoyed heckling each other over it. 

This was a decent sized group of students, probably closer to 350-400 students in total! The gymnasium was quite nice and the students were extremely well behaved. I tend to thank the staff for the work they are doing with the students when they are 'this' well behaved. That is not to say that some groups are out of control that I speak to because the fact of the matter is the students are always locked into my message. There is just certain things i've picked up on over the years that show the work the staff has with the kids that keep their manners on point. Thank you so much Brimley for letting me bring my story to the students. 


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