Earlier this year I was invited to Chippewa County Michigan to speak on behalf of F.A.N (Families Against Narcotics) and it was a special time for me. Sault Ste Marie, Michigan had some very unique things about it. It wasn't just the boat locks designed to send boats upstream into the great lakes that were 25ft higher than the bodies of water they started on but it was also the people in the community of Sault. There is so much real energy in this place I literally feel like i'm family here. 

F.A.N was so pleased with my presenting earlier this year they wanted to bring me back in the fall to speak to even more students. Today kicked off my 2 day visit speaking to a total of 3 schools. Rudyard High school was my first visit. The kids were awesome as usual and a bit shy during the Q and A at the end but only in the beginning. So many questions were occurring I had to actually stop before getting to all the questions. F.A.N created these pretty cool cards for the kids to use to get autographs by me afterwards, I would say that they were a huge hit! I'm looking forward to the two schools tomorrow!