Texas has been a location of several speaking opportunities since I began my substance abuse speaking journey. The thing I like most about my trips to Texas? I always end up in more rural parts of Texas, as opposed to very populated areas like Huston or Dallas. I did fly into San Antonio, a location of Texas I had not previously been too. I was able to check out the River Walk the day before my speaking event in Kenedy and I must say it's a very cool place that I recommend people go see if you are in the area. 

Kenedy High School and Middle School are all kind of one campus. There might be 400 students total between the two schools combined, so very very small compared to populated city schools! The campus itself was very new and the auditorium where I gave my presentations was beautiful! I'm always able to tell just how far along the students are when it comes to adventuring out toward the wrong paths and the spectrum of most variance for this is definitely in middle school students. This is not to say that students of some kinds should not hear my story, I can just tell, it's something i've learned to read while i'm speaking. The high school students were zeroed in the entire time during my presentation and shared many questions afterward. I do have to say that the staff at Kenedy were doing an amazing job. Sometimes I will go places to speak and the staff are completely disengaged from the students, this was not the case at Kenedy! I applaud them for showing a genuine care with their students! I enjoyed my quick trip into Texas and want to thank everyone at Kenedy for allowing me to bring my story into their town!