Recently I was given an opportunity to be a motivational speaker at Fresno Christian High School. It's a smaller private school locally where I am from. The cool thing about my speaking at FC, I was able to share my spiritual journey with the students. Public schools require motivational speakers, staff or just about anyone standing in front of students to not mention God. While I don't feel like I need to mention God for my story to be powerful, it is quite a large piece to my story and I love sharing it with students because it's not your typical story. 

As I expected, the students were amazing and had their eyes glued to me the entire time. I really tried to focus on just a couple things when speaking to this group of about 300 students. Positive choices, finding your work for God (That is a service to others) and carrying it out. This younger generation need positive choice making reenforcement, now more than ever. It's just so easy to make that one choice that changes your life for ever in a negative way. Positive choices go beyond the surface, they actually are the key to opening up opportunity to come into your life. Kids generally don't see it because their minds are focused on being kids and doing what kids do! It's up to the older generation to reach back and help guide them through the critical years in their life. Fresno Christian, thanks for having me!